DIY decorative cart for the garden: step-by-step instructions with diagrams, photos of original ideas

A decorative cart with your own hands will give the garden a rustic spirit. Country style, retains its relevance and remains in trend for decades. Unpretentious design, the product does not require large cash investments.

All you need is material at hand, a set of tools, a little patience and creativity. The reward for the time spent will be a beautiful and cozy corner of the garden, which will delight the eyes of you and your loved ones.

Types of decorative carts, sizes

From the suggestion of designers, the trolley is used everywhere as an element of decor. And not for its intended purpose. Products of various designs and configurations, made from various materials, fill the plots of summer residents and owners of country cottages with internal content. They are combined with wicker fences, wooden bridges, clay sculptures and vine furniture. At the same time, one cart looks quite self-sufficient.

Do-it-yourself varieties of decorative garden carts, depending on their size and design features:

  • small - up to one and a half meters long. Basically, these are models with two or one wheels. It is more correct to call them wheelbarrows - this is an ideal solution for decorating a small area. The wheelbarrow has a simple design. Most often it is decorated with a flowerpot;

  • medium - their length does not exceed 2 meters. Supplied with 2 or 4 wheels. These are almost life-size models.

Suitable for an area of ​​5 acres. Depending on the color scheme will look appropriate in any style and landscape;

They are installed in country houses with a large park area.

By ability to move:

Practicality, safety, versatility and complete comfort are the main components for the children's room 2021. And this is not surprising, because this is exactly the place where your child should feel at ease, free and at ease. Let's take a look at what you should pay special attention to when decorating the fashionable interior of the nursery 2021.

Baby's bed

You will know it's time to look for ideas for your toddler's bedroom when he starts to crawl out of the crib. It can start at any age from one year to 18 months.

You can convert the bed into a daybed by simply removing one of the sides. Alternatively, you can also buy a larger low bed with or without a small railing.

Bright books

Bright books, on beautiful and fashionable bookshelves, are great for the trendy interior of a children's room 2021. You can teach children from a young age to love reading and books, as well as tell bedtime stories, because as we know - education very important in the modern world.

Playful Lanterns


Of course, the beautiful design of the children's room 2021 most often looks bright and juicy, but you can also choose pastel colors, the same blue or pink shades, so as not to overload the room with color.

Tip! If you are not sure about the color, you can choose “dreamy” white nursery rooms for both girls 'and boys' room decor. Thus, you will create a peaceful and serene atmosphere in which your little one will feel calm. For bright colors, you can add them in any other way.

Alphabet Wall

Mix some art

As your child develops and begins to explore the world, you will have many drawings and crafts of your little one. Use them to decorate your room.

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