Decorative pond in the country

Cities are growing rapidly nowadays, and the dacha, as a place of rest from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, is regaining its former popularity. More and more owners of suburban areas perceive their possessions not as a private farm, but as a place of rest. Increasingly, the usual beds are crowding green lawns and well-groomed flower beds. As never before, not only comfort is appreciated, but also the beauty of the suburban area. Mini ponds are ideal for this purpose. Beautiful and original, but compact - they are always appropriate. Miniature ponds will easily fit into any design, regardless of the size of the site. Moreover, such a pond can be used to decorate even a small open veranda or the smallest balcony!

Making a mini-pond with your own hands is not at all difficult and improvised materials that can be found in any farm are suitable for this purpose.

Here are some ideas for creating your own mini pond:

Old tires are not at all difficult to find, even if you don't have your own car. For example, ask workers in a car repair shop. The diameter can also be selected to your taste - for example, tires from special agricultural machinery. They have a diameter of more than a meter. The pond will turn out to be large.

The sidewall must be cut off from the tire, and the bottom must be covered with dense polyethylene. You can decorate the bottom with stones or river sand, as well as gravel. Having placed the tire in a place prepared for the pond in advance, it is necessary to fill the container with water. In the finished mini-pond, you can plant familiar aquarium plants or plants obtained from the lake or river, which are next to the summer cottage.

With a limited footage, a mini-pond will also turn out from an old bath tub or baby bath. To do this, you just need to bury the prepared container in the ground. It happens that the bath or basin does not hold very well water. In this case, the bottom must be covered with a thick film intended for garden work. You can decorate the finished reservoir with marsh plants, or you can put in the center a pot with an indoor flower that loves moisture - for example, spatsiphyllum.

By the way, if the size of the plot allows, then a large cast-iron bathtub is perfect for creating a pond. The resulting reservoir can also be used as a mini-pool for children.

This is the easiest option. To create your personal pond or lake, you need to dig a hole of the desired shape and volume on the site. There can be many options - it all depends on imagination and desire. The finished bowl must be tightly covered with a thick black garden film.Before filling the finished reservoir with water, the edges of the film must be fixed - stones from the site or decorative borders will do. In such ponds, live or artificial plants, marsh flowers and houseplants in pots look great. Also, they can be used for bathing children or raising fish in them.

A decorative pond is a wonderful decoration for a summer cottage or a country residence. And making it with your own hands, it turns out, is not difficult at all. Desire, imagination and a little work - and your own lake will delight the eye for many years.

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