Crafts for hamsters do it yourself

What kind of drinking bowl to make for rabbits yourself?

Rabbit drinkers are an important element in their diet. There are several types, some of them can be easily built on your own, some are more complicated and more expensive. The article covers various options with detailed instructions.

Features and requirements

When manufacturing, you need to take into account the nuances:

  • Animal safety. The bowls should not have stabbing and cutting elements, sharp corners, so that the animal does not get scratched. Tin cans are not suitable (or you need to process them so that there are no teeth).
  • Clean water. The quality of the liquid is important for the well-being of rabbits. It should not be dirty, debris and grass are excluded.
  • Simplicity and comfort. The drinking bowl should be easy for the rabbit to use. Make sure the animal can reach the water.
  • Avoid rollover. Animals are very mobile, so the device is securely attached to the cage or to the floor.


Plastic, metal or stainless steel are suitable for the production of drinking bowls. You can use a plastic bottle with a cap. Metal troughs will do.


Calculated from the amount of water the rabbits need. Depending on the number of pets, make a series of identical devices. The calculation for one animal is one and a half liters of daily moisture.

Rabbit Drinker Varieties

Consider what types of drinkers exist.

Cup Drinker

The advantage is the large volume of the container, as well as the convenience in cleaning and adding water.

Do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits

Toy "Hamster"

Hello dear readers. In this article, we will tell you how to make a toy hamster with your own hands that will look like a real hamster - a repeat. Despite the fact that instead of a special mechanism, this toy will have an ordinary squeaker inside, this cute hamster will be able to please the children well or just decorate the room:

To make this toy, you will need the following materials and tools: - Paper for making a sample (paper from ordinary notebooks will do); - Marker, pencil; - Ruler, eraser; - Filler (cotton wool) and tweezers; - Fabric with light brown fur; - White fleecy fabric; - Beige fabric (leather is suitable); - Scissors, needle; - Threads of white or light brown color; - Needles for stabbing; - Toy eyes; - Squeaky.

Getting started, we must first draw on paper samples of individual parts for making the craft and cut them out. Each of the parts should be marked and written on each of them, where the top, bottom and left on the right side are located. In order not to lose the cut samples and see how the craft made from them will look like, we decided to glue all the samples using adhesive tape:

In the resulting shape, we marked the areas on the face, which should contain the eyes, ears, paws and tail. At first, we wanted to make a mouth, so we drew it on a sample:

This is how the resulting shape looks from the other (left) side:

Next, we need to take a marker and draw lines on this figure, dividing it into separate parts, along which we will cut out details from the fabric:

Now we take a white fabric and cut out the nose part of three figures from a paper figure (two cheeks with a chin), after which we cut off a part of the chest (that is, we cut out those parts that the craft should have white):

Next, from this fabric, we need to cut these parts with a small area of ​​allowance (about 0.5 cm) and join them with seams together:

After that we take out a light brown fur fabric and cut out the frontal part with the sides and nose from the paper figure together with the back of the head and crown, and pin these details to the fabric:

From the beige leather fabric, we cut out a small part of the nose and sew it to three white parts:

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