Broken thermometer what to do, mercury is more dangerous

Many families still have a dangerous mercury thermometer, because its indicators are considered to be the most accurate. However, mercury is a hazardous chemical that can harm human health. Why is mercury dangerous if you accidentally break a thermometer? How to collect mercury balls from the floor, with what tools? How to determine the dangerous intoxication of the body on your own? Broken thermometer what to do? Let's consider these and other questions in the article.

Why is mercury dangerous?

The danger to human and animal health is not the liquid metal itself, but its vapor, how dangerous is mercury from a broken thermometer? Read on. The substance begins to evaporate at the mark on the thermometer + 18C, that is, in a normal home environment. Poisonous vapors enter the body through breathing and have a negative effect on the nervous system. Mercury vapor also affects the brain, kidneys, and liver. Is mercury from a broken thermometer dangerous? Read on.

Pay attention! Mercury is poorly excreted from the human body, up to 80% of the toxic product remains in the tissues of the body. This is a dangerous level of intoxication.

How many years does a mercury ball evaporate and release toxins into space? For three years. If a small amount of liquid metal penetrates the parquet gap, poisonous vapors will constantly evaporate into the space.

Is mercury dangerous if it is in a glass thermometer? There is no need to worry about this: only spilled mercury brings harm if you break the thermometer.

Is mercury from a broken thermometer harmful, and what is the risk of having one ball rolling under the plinth or stuck in the pile of the carpet, how dangerous is it? At temperatures above + 18C, the mercury ball begins to evaporate and release poisonous substances that fall from breathing into the human body. In 3-4 years, chronic diseases of internal organs will begin due to intoxication with mercury compounds.

How to properly collect mercury

If you broke a mercury thermometer, what should you do? The collection of mercury beads is called demercurization. If a dangerous thermometer crashed, you must first reduce the room temperature as much as possible. This is easy to do during the cold season: just open the windows. If the floor is heated, disconnect from the power supply. Turn off the heating boiler if the house has autonomous heating. Broken thermometer, what to do next?

After that, you need to protect yourself from the poisonous substance. Put on a respirator, rubber gloves and shoe covers (or wrap your indoor shoes in a plastic bag).

Now you can start collecting balls:

  • work with a flashlight to find all small particles of liquid metal by the reflected light;
  • collect large balls with a syringe without a needle or a syringe;
  • small balls are collected using plasticine or adhesive tape;
  • collected balls are immersed in a container of water to stop evaporation.

Mercury should be taken to the organization for the disposal of hazardous and toxic substances - SES. All things that have come into contact with the balls are subject to disposal: gloves, shoe covers, rags, fragments of a broken thermometer. Pack all items hermetically and take them to the nearest SES.

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