Ant farm at home

Greetings, gentlemen readers!

What's interesting about growing ants?

Ant farming is one of my most interesting hobbies. The novelty does not require special care. You can simply order a complete set from online stores. Today we would like to share with you an incredibly inspiring theme - my very own ant farm.

Ant breeding in our country is not really very popular, but it is a great idea, for example, for parents who want to teach their children something about the natural world at a low cost. In most cases, ants are very concerned about cleanliness, for example, my species regularly cleans up and takes garbage to one specific place in the formarium. It is also a great example of cooperation: one ant that finds food first communicates to the others, and then together they move the food to the nest. Their care for fresh eggs, regularly looking for better conditions and constant activity from dawn until late at night is the perfect learning material!

I'll start with an interesting quote from Proverbs (6: 6-11), which became my starting point for studying ants:

Ant farming - where to start? My story

It all started very simply - then I started living in a rented apartment. I was always lonely, because my family has always had pets - a dog, a cat, fish, even at one time there was a lizard and a snake, because I was drawn to exoticism. Unfortunately, I could not afford any pets in my rented apartment, and besides, my wife did not share my passion for reptiles. Once I saw information on the Internet about ant breeding.

Where to start growing ants?

In fact, all the fun begins with the purchase or creation of the so-called Aquarium. The cost usually does not fluctuate from 2,000 to 6,000 rubles, depending on the type of aquarium and the set configuration.

Aquariums and ant species differ from each other. A specially prepared terrarium or aquarium for ants is called -formaria. Formicaria is divided into two main parts - the so-called arena, in which the ants find food, move, live, and the nest, that is, the place where the queen is located, reproducing the next generations, in which most of the life of the colony takes place. Ants can make tunnels in a prepared formarium or live in pre-cut ones.

Ant colony breeding

Ant farm at home

Annotation: Who lives in our country house: ants, ladybugs, wood lice, spiders


Children under 6-7 years old (and sometimes even longer) are very interested in little creatures living side by side with us. It is especially convenient to observe the life of ants, ladybirds, spiders and wood lice. How do they find food and hunt? How do they scare away their enemies? You can devote more than one summer day to activities for children in nature - especially if you are in the country or often walk in the park.

How ants find food

Of all insects, it is easiest to observe ants and their funny behavior during workdays. Ants can be found anywhere - from sidewalks to playgrounds, from summer cottages to endless fields.

Scientists who study insects are called entomologists.

In insects, the body is divided into three parts: the head, chest and abdomen. They all have six legs.

There are insects that have a piercing and sucking organ in their mouths, like mosquitoes or ladybugs. Ants do not belong to these species, despite the fact that they have a mouth and are constantly looking for food.

Take your aspiring entomologist outside and go in search of the anthill. (Warning: all ants bite and their bites are painful! Do not touch ants of any size.) Watch them for a while. Find the ant path and trace where it leads you.

Ants walk in a chain - this is how they look for food. When one ant discovers food, it leaves a scent trail there, so that other ants from its colony know where to go. If you find a chain of ants, it means that they are out in search of food for their colony.

Run an experiment to see how the ants communicate with each other as they walk one after the other. Gather a few twigs and leaves and make a circle around the nest to create an enclosed space. Don't make the fence too high; let it be low and wide. Pour some sugar and cookie crumbs into the circle.

Soon the ants will find your gift, and when they take it, they will leave the scent so they can return to the same place and take more treats. Other ants from the same colony will quickly find the trail and follow it to get to the food source. Once the ant chain has formed, carefully remove the sticks. Watch what happens: the ants will be confused as the trail disappears.

How a ladybug scares away birds

Ant farm at home. 9 reasons to become the master of the colony. Greetings, gentlemen readers! What's so interesting about growing ants? Ant farming is one of my most interesting

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