Travel Home Decor: How To Bring Your Travels Home With You


Happy New Year everyone and hello 2019! I swear the years go by faster and faster the older I get, BUT in saying this, it just makes me more motivated each year to get shit done! And the first thing on my list is a bedroom cleanup. Now this might seem dull to some of you, but there’s just something so therapeutic to me about de cluttering a space. A de cluttered space equals a de cluttered mind in my opinion.

I’ve always been a super tidy person, so mess isn’t really an issue here, it’s more that I want to donate clothes I no longer wear and re organise my space to reflect the me going into 2019 – which pretty much involves decorating my room with all the goodies I picked up over the last twelve months travelling. 

People often ask me what’s the one thing I collect when travelling. Is it postcards? Perhaps badges? Or is something along the lines of shot glasses? We’ve all been there before, wishing we could freeze time on a specific moment during our holiday hoping to take it home with us. For me, every place has something unique to offer, every place evokes a different feeling inside of me, and my travel purchases always reflect this. So just before I set off to re vamp my room, I thought I’d share my go to travel souvenirs with you and a little home decor inspiration.

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How To Get A Head Start On The New Year


Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas filled with yummy food, laughter and of course presents!! I spent a few days with my family in London and although I missed my family back home in Australia, I had so much fun! From board games and Christmas crackers, to guess whose present is under the tree (some of the tags had mysteriously disappeared haha) it was definitely a Christmas I’ll never forget. 

I’m a little sad to see Christmas tree’s already placed on front lawns and festive lights being taken down. But that just means we’re getting closer to a brand new year which is exciting in itself because that means another 365 days of new adventures that await us!

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9 Things Likely To Happen During Your Solo Travels


I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!! I just love this time of year, and because I’m super organised, I already have all of my Christmas gifts sorted. Even one’s for charity! Yep, that’s me, completely done. I tend to buy things throughout the year when something catches my eye, leaving only a few bits and pieces to purchase November/December time. It just makes the whole gift buying process completely stress free. Well, apart from the wrapping part. I’m not the best gift wrapper around, so I may just cheat this year and buy a bulk load of gift bags. What does everyone’s shopping look like? You highly organised like me, or a last minute shopper?

Ok, so completely unrelated to Christmas and the reason we’re all here (I know I know, Christmas chat is way more fun), I wanted to share with you some situations you’re bound to encounter at one point or another during your solo travels and how to deal with them. Because although travelling solo gives you an incredible sense of accomplishment and self fulfilment, reality is, it’s also a lot of hard work and more often than you’d like, you find yourself in uncomfortable situations.

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The Art Of Dining Solo


Hey all, hope your weekend has been a fabulous one! I just had the most incredible spinach and ricotta ravioli at this little Italian place, mmmmmm delizioso. During my meal, I was talking to my friend and we got onto the topic of dining alone. As a solo traveller and someone who is quite comfortable doing things alone, I was telling her how easy it is, and after giving her some tips, I thought I would share with you all, my top five steps for feeling more at ease when dining solo.

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27 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re An Aussie Living In London


Okay, I did it. I said I never would, but here I am two years in, officially having joined the thousand other Aussie’s living in London. And when I say officially, I mean literally. I’m living in Wandsworth which unbeknownst to me prior to signing my rental lease, is where all the Aussies in London are. Well, here and Clapham to be exact. 

If you’re reading this and have taken that long ass flight back home, then props to you for appearing roughly human after twenty plus hours in the air filled with bad food and screaming babies. Unless of course, you were in business or first class. Then, can we be friends? 

However, if you’re like me and still living in the land where a week of 23 degrees is considered a heat wave and your taste buds are craving a good cup of coffee, then I’m sure you can relate to the below.

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