Australian Road Trip – The Great Ocean Road & The Twelve Apostles


Wow, I can’t believe how quickly January is going! Does anyone else feel the same? I swear the older I get, the quicker the years go by (and now I sound like my dad haha).

Lately, I’ve been more determined than ever to cross destinations off my bucket list, I mean, who knows when I’ll ever get the chance again. I like to live in the now and experience as much of life and the world as I can. So, to start 2019 off right, I placed a big tick next to a destination that has been on my bucket list for a good ten years now. I know, that’s an extremely long time, and you’d be surprised to know that it’s location is only a few hours from where I grew up. I can’t believe it’s taken me 31 years to finally explore this beauty! So where is it? It’s the one and only, Great Ocean Road.

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Solo In Edinburgh: Highlights And Climbing Arthurs Seat


Happy Sunday! What’s everyone up to this weekend? I have been working hard on my book, writing away and I feel like I haven’t seen much of the outside world lately. But then again, I am currently in London and it’s winter, so there’s not much of the outside world to see except rain, rain, and well, more rain. I’m already counting down the days until summer!!

One place that doesn’t seem to get much of the sunshine is Edinburgh, Scotland. So when I was booking my ticket, it didn’t really matter what month I picked, I knew the weather conditions would be relatively the same all year around. Well besides winter. Those months can be freezing!

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A Taste Of Brighton: Coffee, Ice Cream And A Royal Palace


Good morning everyone. I hope January is treating you well and you’ve all had a great few weeks to kick off the new year! I thought it was about time that I share with you some of the day trips I’ve been doing from London, and first up on my list is Brighton.  Englands seaside city, and home to the most delicious organic ice cream ever!

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5 Tips On Getting The Perfect Travel Photo


Another Sunday, another post for all you amazing people who inspire me everyday. Hope you’re having a fab weekend! For this weeks post, I wanted to give you all some tips on taking great photos when you travel. From where I started a year ago to where I am now, there’s a massive difference. Through many trial and errors, I’ve learnt some handy tips which I’m excited to share with you all. Because sharing is caring right!

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Missing My Beach Life – Sydney, Australia


Yay for the weekend! What’s the weather like where you are? It’s currently cold and raining in London, and I’m getting super jealous of my friends and family back home. All over Instagram, they’re either on a beach or poolside, both places I’d much rather be. And so now here I am, reminiscing. 

The more I travel, the more I’ve come to truly love and appreciate the beauty of Australia. In particular those pristine white beaches that I just can’t seem to get over here. Especially like the ones I frequented in Sydney. Tamarama, Manly and Freshwater to name a few of my fav. Nothing compares to laying on sand that’s as soft as pillows, having ocean waves gently brush up against you, refreshing your body on a hot summers’ day. Growing up beachside, sun kissed skin and salty hair became the norm for me.

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