Yaku Izhu brothers on the robot: 3 recipes for brown snacks

What should a modern man have time to do? AiF asked its readers


Sergey ZAKHAROV, auto mechanic, father of 2 daughters, grandfather of 2 granddaughters:

- I raised beautiful and smart daughters and I'm happy. And the rest is relevant. I built my house myself and then I will only build it myself. Modern men do not like to work with their hands, do not want to "bother", especially now there are so many opportunities. I called and they will bring everything to you and fix it. This is normal. It is convenient for someone to pay for work, but it is pleasant for me to do it with my own hands. I believe that no one will do it like myself. A man should be able to work with his hands.


Alexander Valerievich DECHKO, pediatrician, director of the Kind Doctor medical center, grandfather of 2 grandchildren, wife, son and daughter-in-law are also pediatricians:

- It seems to me that the modern world has become much more complex and multifaceted. Therefore, the program has become very personal for each person. One needs many houses, the second needs many children, and the third needs mantra and meditation. We are all different, and our goals in life are also different. And in different periods of life, these goals can be very different. One thing has remained unchanged - due to the peculiarities of character and behavior, men are more susceptible to external stressors. Trying to keep it all inside is often the cause of cardiovascular disease. And then there's - “men don't cry. ". Therefore, I want to tell men: take care of your heart, literally and figuratively!


Dmitry LUGOVOY, snowboarder, motorcycle racer, veteran of road and circuit motorsport, father of 2 daughters:

- I have already planted trees, I have a whole brood of thujas. I didn't have time for my son, but I have two daughters. It remains to finish building the house. But the money ran out - the crisis. Now the time is harsh, and men are slipping into hipsters. Women complain that the modern man "is no longer a cake." But the strongest survives, and the rest will be left on the sidelines. IN sport has a rule: if you doubt, drive. So it is in life. You cannot brake when cornering.


Kozhen for the day we ask the food: why take with you on the robot for a snack? I would like it to be cinnamon and savory.

3 tsikavich and one-hour simple recipes developed by Olena Kalen, an expert in the psychology of lowering vagi, a consultant for a healthy way of living.

I will love recipes for snacks, which you can take with you on the robot, and not only! - said Kalen.

What a snack for a robot

Lean meat and vegetables salad

Chicken breast, or indichku, must be prepared for food, such as cabbage iceberg, trocha canned corn, sesame and tomato. Season the salad with olive olives (1 tablespoon) with lemon juice and soy sauce.

Tushkovana chicken with vegetables

For a chicken breast, it’s necessary to have carcasses of broccoli, cabbage and zucchini. Dodaimo sіl and pepper. Likewise, crim garniru, before the meat, before the storms, rice, kinoa and eggplant.

A savory snack, moreover, do not catch sight of the shitty їzhu / Photo Pixabay

Zapіkanka from zucchini

Medium-sized zucchini, tomato and zucchini nariza кmo diced and put into the oven for 15 cakes. If the vegetables are ready to eat, pour them marinade with low-fat sour cream, milk and two eggs, sip with a grated sire and add another 5-7 quilins.

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