I became a hero in my mother-in-law's eyes and now she takes an example from me



My mother-in-law is in trouble. Moreover, she needs to do hemodialysis three times a week. So on the New Year before last, she climbed to remove the curtain and fell off the stool. Fracture of the femoral neck. Was this curtain given to her? Now the mother-in-law, periodically exceeding the speed, runs with a walker. There are no problems on a flat surface, and stairs become an insurmountable obstacle.

And now, a minor inconvenience to which the tenants of the fifth floor of her house have long been accustomed, turned into a serious problem. The elevator in the house goes to all floors except the fifth. It has always been that way. My wife says that even when she was little. Three states changed: the USSR was buried, Ukraine was waved with a handkerchief, they anchored in their home harbor, and the elevator continues to ignore the fifth floor.

Hip Hand Master

The mother-in-law several times called Sevlift on Severnaya, the entire staff of which consists of a dispatcher and her husband, a foreman, but without result. The master came, lazily poked at the panel of buttons, somehow the elevator started, left and everything returned to normal. The mother-in-law called again, received a sharp rebuff using obscene vocabulary and waved her hand.

After the very first descent for dialysis, it became clear to me that, in any way, but it was necessary to ensure that the elevator was repaired.

Light stimulation of the management of housing and communal services

When we brought my mother-in-law back, I took the phone number of the city Sevlift and recalled in the memory of all my Moscow clients who know by heart the Law on Consumer Rights Protection and regularly eat away at my brain with a coffee spoon. This was followed by such a conversation, rather similar to a monologue:

"Hello. My mother-in-law has kidney failure and needs to be taken to dialysis three times a week. She also has a hip fracture. The elevator does not go to her floor. Absolutely. On the sixth goes. On the fourth goes. He does not go to the fifth. At the same time, my mother-in-law pays for all utility bills exclusively on time, several decades. Elevator including. It turns out that all these decades you have not provided paid services to her. I have a problem now. It's very difficult for me to take my mother-in-law down to the car for dialysis. Therefore, I ask you to solve this old problem very urgently, or tomorrow I will go to Rospotrebnadzor and write a paper statement to your organization regarding the systematic long-term violation of the "Law on the protection of consumer rights in relation to my mother-in-law, a disabled person of the first group."

The next day the elevator did not work at all. The entrance of the nine-story building was filled with the clang of metal and the elevator mat. On the fifth floor, I saw the source of the noise. Eyes sparkling furiously, the master rummaged through the mechanism, lowering the cabin in the shaft to floor level. When he saw which apartment I was entering, the poor man was distorted.

The elevator is still in operation. Before my intervention, it did not work for several decades. All tenants of the fifth floor of my mother-in-law's house conveyed their gratitude to me.

Naturally, the elevator is old, the mechanism is worn out, once it broke down. But the mother-in-law once called the city office, gave her name, and half an hour later the foreman stood at her doorstep and asked not to call their superiors anymore, he would do everything on time anyway.