Which tire blackener to choose: purchased or homemade

To give old tires their original look, you can use a special ink. The agent is applied to a car tire, often immediately after washing, and gives a glossy or matte sheen to the wheel.

There are dozens of different brands of products on the market now, but some car enthusiasts make do-it-yourself ink. We will tell you about the composition, manufacturers and prices for such care products.

Goodyear GY

Goodyear GY000700 Ink is sold as a 400 ml aerosol. According to the manufacturer, this product not only gives the tires shine, but also protects against dirt and reagents.

For an ordinary car, a can is enough for several applications. The price is about 250 rubles.

Autoland BLAG

The 5 liter Autoland BLAG canister is often used in car washes that use it for their customers after washing.

The cost of such a canister is about 3000 rubles. If there is a garage or utility room where to store the ink, you can also purchase it for personal use. Enough for a long time.

Grass Black Brilliance

Another popular Grass Black Brilliance is a silicone-based tire polish in the form of a spray. It is produced in small containers of 250 ml, so it will not take up much space in the trunk (there are other volumes). Ingredients: organic solvent, polydimethylsiloxane, perfume. The cost does not exceed analogs - about 200 rubles.

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Happy First Spring Day and Cats Festival

There are cat lovers among the employees of our library. But the felines themselves do not live within the walls of our library. True, according to the stories of old-timers in the library, examples of cats living in the book depository are known. On Cats Day, which is celebrated on March 1, I decided to make a review of books about library cats.

Cat Dewey from the small American town of Spencer in Iowa became famous throughout the world. He was glorified by the director of the city library, Vicky Myron, who sheltered a cat, nicknamed Dewey in honor of the famous American library scientist, the author of tables of library and bibliographic classification.

For many years, Dewey became the guardian angel of the library: in the morning he met visitors at the glass front doors, gave everyone a warm welcome, allowed himself to be stroked, and a little later he chose some nice reader to doze off with him on your hands or climb into his bag. He attended all public meetings in the library.

Do-it-yourself replacement of the thermostat with a Ford Focus

We present detailed photo instructions for replacing a thermostat on a Ford Focus with a gasoline engine of volume 1. For the convenience of draining antifreeze and dismantling the thermostat, I removed the fan block two latches, removed with a finger Do not forget to disconnect the power connector Here is the cherished plug at the bottom of the radiator on the driver's side It was removed by hand, no faucets, just removed For convenience, I had to remove the air cover with a pipe After gaining access to the thermostat box, I removed 4 upper pipes and 6 bolts, more pliers are required, otherwise the Ford Focus clamp 1 replace the thermostat and grab the key for 8.

Thermostat problem (R)

I used a bicycle, another short cap will do. Here it is a box on both sides. After removing the bolts, disconnected the rear pipe. I had to suffer. Here it is in the photo and the seat When trying to remove the thermostat cover, two screws immediately broke off as far as is known - this always happens.

Only one turned out, look until he ran away into the forest. The key is 7. In the original, all FF1s in the Russian specification have thermostats with a temperature of Ford Focus 1, a replacement thermostat of 92 degrees Celsius, manufactured by Motorcraft.

Finis codes of thermostats for Zetec-E 1.

How to replace a thermostat on a Ford Focus I with your own hands?

Motorcraft RT - rub. The O-ring is not included with the original thermostats, it is purchased separately, it is necessary to change it!

Finis codes of thermostats for Duratec 1. Most often, the first two scenarios are the reason for replacing the device. It is impossible to endure and drive further with an inoperative thermostat.

It is better to replace it immediately or find another reason why the fluid does not reach operating temperature or overheats. Be careful, such a malfunction in a running state can easily kill the power unit.

What do you need to replace the thermostat?

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