What are women's jackets and jackets in the trends of the season 2021-2022? Photo review

Initially, only men wore jackets, but with the evolution in fashion, girls began to use this element of clothing as well. This is no coincidence, since jackets fit almost any stylish look. The article will discuss which jackets and jackets will correspond to the fashion trends of 2021-2022.

Fashion -: which women's blazers are in trend?

To choose this wardrobe item, you should rely on several factors, including:

  • The image for which the jacket is selected. It should be borne in mind that some models are suitable not only for business style, but also for everyday ones.
  • Color palette. When drawing up an image, it is necessary to choose a jacket that would be combined with the color scheme of the rest of the clothes. Therefore, before making a purchase decision, you need to pay attention to how it will look with other details of the bow.
  • Shape type. It affects how this outerwear will look, for example, if the shoulders are wide, then a jacket with inserted shoulders will not work.

In 2021-2022, designers recommend using a minimum of jewelry and paying tribute to classic jackets. This minimalist style gives the girl elegance and femininity. There are also a few key rules to help you craft a complete and complete bow. These include:

  • Classic models are preferred in 2021-2022. They can be used both in everyday wear and in work. The classics do not go out of fashion, so if the question is about which style of jacket to choose, then it is best to stay on the classic and elegant style. At the same time, it is recommended not to experiment with the color palette, strict dark shades will be in fashion.
  • Minimum of decorative elements. They are able to make the image bulky and not attractive. Therefore, colorful models, with a lot of jewelry and bright colors, are not popular. And fashion designers unanimously argue that such jackets do not correspond to fashion trends.
  • Pay attention to the sewn-in hangers. The most popular will be models with wide shoulders that can emphasize the waist.
  • Rely on the shape of the sleeves. If you look at the new photos from designers, then the fashion for cropped sleeves is clearly expressed in them. This will make the image more youthful and interesting.

Fashionable classic blazers and jackets for women: photos -

Fashion does not stand still, that's why pretentious and outrageous purple jackets are replaced by elegant minimalism. Girls are advised to adhere to a minimalist style, using decor to a minimum. The fewer buttons, less lace, the better. Some models are designed in such a way that there are no clasps. Such models are suitable for visiting both the workplace and social events.

The classic color scheme is a variety of dark shades, ranging from black to blue. If you want to stand out, you can purchase a jacket in lighter colors. For example, a beige or white color looks organically, it does not attract attention, and women of fashion may not worry that such a jacket is not included in fashion trends. Classics are always popular, regardless of changes in fashion.

There are models that do not have collars or cuffs. Such a jacket looks especially organically with a classic suit or skinny pants, trousers. Men's cut jackets are considered no less popular, despite their severity, they look great with a skirt or dress.

If you want to choose a jacket for a romantic look, then soft, feminine colors such as pale pink, rich beige or mint are suitable for this.

Jackets of the “boyfriend” type, in which the girl seems defenseless and fragile, will be in demand. It is perfect if you want to seem touching and gentle. They look beautiful with both a classic black dress and regular jeans. The following photo novelties will help you choose the perfect look using classic jackets and jackets.

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