Top 5 most original marriage proposals

If we compare how people used to treat marriage and how they treat it now, then we can say with confidence that most people enter into an alliance thoughtlessly, spontaneously and in a regular mode. But even in our time there are romantics, dreamers who "bother" over the proposal of a hand and heart in such a way that it is difficult to imagine. I want to tell you about the cases that I liked the most. I think you agree with me.

Based on the comic

Paul Phillips in love ordered his beloved an illustrated book (link to the book at the end of the article), which briefly describes cases of their romantic relationship that only they could understand. The book was not limited to some unforgettable moments, it also looked into the future that Paul had already invented for both of them. The book was hidden in the local library and Erica (Paul's fiancee) "accidentally" took it to read it. Can you imagine her emotions when acquaintances, but it is not yet clear why, moments of the book turn into an offer to marry both in the pages and in life?


This proposal is somewhat similar to the book idea. But still original.

A young couple played a world-famous game, we know it as a "crocodile". The essence of the game is to draw the task you received to your partner so that he guessed what is shown in the picture as quickly as possible. The hero of this story got confused and made cards for this game according to his own design. One of these cards was called "Marry Me." An unsuspecting girl, who again "accidentally" pulled out this card, drew the given task, and the hand and heart of her beloved man became the prize for her efforts in writing this picture.


Each pair has its own moments that only they understand, some have situations, some have words, and the heroes of this story have emoticons in their correspondence and their favorite ice cream. How not to combine these two points in your original proposal. Luke Munserteiger also thought about it and made a custom-made package for his girlfriend Elsa's favorite ice cream with emoticons that they exchanged in correspondence and a proposal. It is not difficult to understand that when Elsa found “by chance” such ice cream in the store, her heart melted.

“Tattoos are for life ...”, “you have to think carefully about a tattoo. "And all these tips have been heard by anyone who has ever encountered this phenomenon. But what if you love a tattoo and want to propose by stuffing it on your body? Just contacting a familiar tattoo artist is nothing complicated, right ?! And what if this master is the lady of your heart? It was in this situation that Vinnie Capaldo-Smith got into, but he found a way out. Turning to another master, he filled in a question to which he wanted an answer and went to his girlfriend for a session. When he bared the part of his body, on which he allegedly wanted a new tattoo, his beloved Brooke was so stunned that without hesitation she filled in a red cross in a square meaning "yes"

Run Forest, Run

Runner Ben Chudley has been running for miles to propose to his girlfriend. No, she did not live far and no, she did not run away from him. Ben just ran along a certain route, which his tracker recorded, at the end of these races he showed screenshots to his girlfriend. I think you yourself understand why the girl, after the “simple” reports of the tracker, wanted to say: “YES!”

TOP idea of ​​what to give a girl for years + a gift and Tips

The girls are looking forward to their first anniversary with special impatience and trepidation - this is a very serious event, the first step into a real adult life.

That is why it is important to take a responsible approach to the question of what to give a girl for 10 years.

Do not know how to please the birthday girl, what can you give a girl for 10 years?

A good birthday gift can be found even for a child who has almost everything. Below you will find a list of the best ideas and additional gifts.

TOP idea that you can give a girl for years

Inexpensive gifts for a girl for years

Gifts for girls are difficult to choose, especially on a tight budget. None of the adults are immune to financial hardship. What if you don't have much money, but you want to please and surprise a girl?

Ideas that you can give a girl for 10 years inexpensively:

Personal diary with a lock, decorated in a girly style. Little princesses love secrets - present the birthday girl with a special diary to which she can tell about the most intimate things. In stores, you can find relatively inexpensive options in different colors and shapes. Alternatively, you can give a questionnaire for girls, which the birthday girl will give her friends and girlfriends to fill out.

Antistress toy. A good and inexpensive option for a birthday present for a girl of 10 years old is an anti-stress soft toy in an original design. Choose a model with a tactile, environmentally friendly filler. You can sleep on such a pillow, it is convenient to hug it and use it as an emotional release.

A set of sweets. If you do not know what to give your child for 10 years, pay attention to the sweet gift. It can be a set of gummy bears, beautiful fortune cookies, muffins, or gift wrapped cupcakes. You can also buy a chocolate figurine of your favorite birthday girl character from the cartoon, or you can order special labels with the child's name and birthday greetings.

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