Thaumcraft - Russian Taumcraft

Thaumcraft mod - taumcraft, large magic mod

This is a very huge magic mod, the passage of which can take months and believe you will not be bored. The study of this mod is very interesting, you will open many studies, study aspects, create altars with which you will make mysterious magical artifacts. Explore the world, find magical ruins, wander through the lost ancient worlds, create golems that will obey and follow your orders, practice alchemy, cleanse the world from infection, or create it. Close the rifts in reality, create magic stones with which you can destroy the world and much, much more.

Over the years, the mod has changed significantly:

Thaumcraft version depends on Minecraft version, on version 1.7.x Thaumcraft 4 version, on 1.8x - Thaumcraft 5, on 1.10.2+ - Thaumcraft 6.

Thaumcraft 3: This version is quite old, but still interesting. It doesn't smell like a thaumometer, and you can forget about creating items on the altar. To start the game, you just need to craft a wand and click on the bookshelf, as in most versions of taumcraft.

Research in this version is quite simple, just put objects with the necessary aspects for research on the table for research and press the button, you're done. If you do not know what aspects are in this or that subject, just press Shift and visit the subject.

Alchemy is very simple, as in all versions of this mod, you just need to throw the necessary items into the crucible and in this version specifically, press the crucible with a magic wand, the wand must be charged. The thaumonomikon contains all the requirements for this or that craft.

Golems are quite primitive, they have no improvements, but they have more than enough decorations: D.

Thaumcraft 4: The beginning of the game in this version of thaumcraft is very simple, you need to craft the initial magic wand and click on the bookshelf, this action will give you the main book guide to this mod "Thaumonomikon".

In this version of taumcraft, a lot depends on the magic wand, 99% of all crafting and creating things is done with its help. Specifically, in this version of the mod you will have to travel a lot in order to find more and more vis nodes, with which you will charge the wand until you have researched "Taming Vis" and study them with a thaumometer to get the missing aspects.

It is worth telling about the research in this version, they happen in a rather complicated way, with the help of the research table, inkwell, paper and thaumonomicon, you must cross the aspects according to a special formula until they connect with each other. Also, the difficulty is that the aspects are constantly ending and you will have to either disintegrate objects or travel even more. You can see more details in this guide ().

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