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A beautiful postcard is a traditional attribute of the New Year holidays. For more than a century, people have been giving each other the warmest wishes and New Year's mood, presenting original pictures as a gift.

Time goes on, traditions change and improve. In 2018, instead of the usual printing pictures printed on thick cardboard, creative digital animated cards will be relevant, thanks to which you can wish your friends or loved ones Happy New Year in any country quickly and completely free of charge.

Why exactly animated pictures will be so popular in 2018?

  • This is an original congratulation that will definitely not be ignored.
  • Such a card will allow you to accommodate more wishes.
  • Bright, sparkling or A card surprising with falling snowfields will definitely cheer you up.

Of course, creating your own animation is a little more difficult than a regular static postcard. To do this, you will have to master the basics of working with the graphics editor Adobe Photoshop or special online services for creating gif-animations. If you want to please a person dear to your heart with an interesting congratulation, but are not ready to spend a lot of time on mastering new programs, just download beautiful New Year's gifs from our website by simply right-clicking on the picture you like and choosing “Save As” from the drop-down menu.

Types of animated cards

Depending on how the animation is set up and what tricks the designer has used. When creating a Happy New Year in gif format, in 2018 you can find postcards in which:

  • individual elements shimmer;
  • snowflakes fly;
  • characters or background move;
  • moves and replaces one another inscription.

We are ready to offer you the most original animated congratulations on the winter landscapes, fairy-tale characters, cute dogs and traditional New Year characters that will help you beautifully wish your friends or relatives Happy New Year 2018.

And it is also worth considering that 2018 is the Year of the Dog, and therefore animation with cute puppies and dancing dogs will be relevant as a Happy New Year.

New Year is a wonderful time when all dreams come true, the air smells of tangerines and pine needles, and our relatives are vying to delight us with gifts. This is the most anticipated holiday, and everyone, young and old, is anticipating its coming. And so much so that even a tradition has appeared to congratulate each other "Happy New Year!" - Happy New Year, which is just about to come. It is not surprising, because the anticipation of the holiday is the atmosphere of the new year! Share it by downloading and sending your loved ones Happy New Year GIFs. We have a large collection of animated pictures that will cheer you up and your family on the eve of the holiday!

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