Smart TV: the best platforms

The connection method depends on the connectors and technologies supported by the TV, although not only cords and wireless connections can be used to increase functionality, but also special set-top boxes such as those from Apple or Google can be used.

Ways to wired smartphone to TV

A wired connection is one of the easiest ways to connect your smartphone to your TV. You don't need to buy special set-top boxes or use a Wi-Fi router for it. All that is needed is a cord (sometimes even included with the phone) and the presence of a USB port on the TV, which is found on almost every modern model. The disadvantage of this method is the need to place the smartphone at a short distance from the TV receiver or the use of an extension cord.

With USB cable

Any smartphone in the kit has a cord for synchronizing with a PC and connecting to a power adapter. One of its plugs (usually micro-USB or Type-C, but for iPhones it's Lightning) is for connecting to a phone, the other is a regular USB-A. You can connect the phone with such a cable with most TVs released in the last 10-15 years.

Such a connection can provide the transfer of all files that the TV receiver can open - photos, music, videos. The smartphone in this case acts as an external storage device, and with the ability to transfer information, if the TV has its own memory.

The connection process does not take much time and looks like this:

  • The smartphone is connected to the TV using the supplied (or any other used for charging) cable.
  • On the smartphone screen in the notification window, use as a memory storage device is selected.
  • USB is selected as the source in the TV menu.
  • The desired files are opened with the TV remote control. This allows you to view photos taken with a phone camera on a large screen or launch films previously downloaded to the smartphone's memory.

If the TV does not see the connected smartphone, there may be two reasons. The first is a partially damaged cable. The second one is still too old TV, which has a USB port, but it is used only for flashing the device.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via HDMI

Surely many owners of LG Smart TVs have faced such a problem as: “Not enough memory. Reload the page or go to another site. " This notification pops up on the TV screen at the moment when the user tries to open any multimedia file for viewing, and it does not matter if the Internet connection is carried out via cable or via a wireless connection. The thing is that the TV does not have enough memory to load multimedia content. Moreover, this problem does not always arise, and not immediately. If there is insufficient memory, a corresponding notification pops up.

Why the error occurs

It is clear that this problem occurs only when your TV is connected to the Internet (during normal viewing of channels, everything is fine), while you use the built-in TV browser to view any online video. When playing music, launching games, this error may also occur.

The problem is in no way tied to a specific site, i.e. an error message can pop up on any site. Moreover, this problem message does not always appear and not immediately. Suppose you have watched multimedia content for 10 minutes and suddenly, everything is interrupted and a notification about insufficient memory appears on the display. Reloading the page can correct this situation, but most likely not for long - for a few minutes.

Memory Features

It turns out that there is no way to expand the device's memory. A memory card or rather an external hard drive will not help here. Samsung TVs also have this problem. This situation occurs when trying to download streaming video. The TV memory is full, i.e. the image loads slower than online video and the required amount of memory simply does not always have time to free up. It is recommended to open those sites in which the video in a common file is saved in blocks - then memory overflow does not occur.

There are not many options, i.e. it is impossible to expand the memory of the TV, as is the case with a computer. The only way out of this situation is to install special applications on the TV that will get rid of this problem and watch movies, various videos, listen to music from the Internet through them.

You can try updating your TV software. There is a hope that in later versions there will be no such "jambs" and memory will be spent and distributed more correctly, more economically. After all, technologies do not stand still, this also applies to the development of the TV market. How can you clean the memory of your LG Smart TV easily and without problems?

  • Connect the TV set to the Internet, no matter which way. You can use Wi-fi, modem or cable.
  • Switch to Smart TV mode using the button on the remote control.
  • A browser window will open, you need to select a tab in the upper right corner, which will contain several lines.
  • Select the line "Clear cache". We click on the line and confirm this action and wait for the completion of cleaning.

TV capabilities

With the help of LG Smart TV, the user can open pages on the Internet, just like on a smartphone, laptop or stationary PC, using the browser built into the TV. Surfing the Internet using the remote control is not very convenient, although for this purpose it is possible to purchase a keyboard. But it is very convenient to manage the built-in Internet services using the remote control, because. they open instantly.

A TV is useful for everyone: someone loves TV shows, others use it to watch movies on online services or discs, and gamers connect game consoles to TV. A big picture will be happy for both a child and an adult, and a noisy company that will gather with you to celebrate the New Year.

We have selected 9 completely different TV models, among which everyone can find a gift to their liking. Since the diagonals of devices are measured in inches, recall that 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm - this will make it easier to imagine the dimensions of the described devices.

Samsung UEMUU, “

This is the largest TV in our collection - with a diagonal of 82 inches. He is one of the most expensive, but at the same time advanced. The model costs a little more than 300 thousand rubles and belongs to the category of smart devices: Samsung uses its own software platform Tizen OS here. It fits perfectly into a spacious living room: large, elegant, suitable for any household task.

The TV supports HDR mode, which makes the picture more effective, vivid and vivid. The viewing angles are close to the maximum - 178 degrees, and the resolution matches the diagonal - UHD (3840x2160 pixels). To connect external devices, Samsung suggests using USB, HDMI, Ethernet, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Miracast wireless interfaces.

All the characteristics described above provide not only a beautiful picture when watching movies (playback from a flash drive or hard disk is possible), but also the pleasure of playing video games. Perhaps, it is in the latter that the potential of the device will be fully revealed. This is facilitated by the high frame refresh rate - as much as 200 Hz - so the picture will be smooth even in the most dynamic scenes. For maximum immersion in the game or movie, four speakers with a total power of 40 watts with surround technology will help. Almost a cinema!

Sony KD-XE, “

The Japanese from Sony also have their own version for large rooms and home theaters: the Sony KD-75XE9005 TV has a slightly smaller diagonal of 74.5 inches, but pleases with a lower price compared to Samsung - about 265 thousand rubles.

The model will suit lovers of classics: the TV has a strict appearance - a black body, very narrow frames around the screen and an elegant stand in the center. The resolution is also ultra-high - UHD. There is also support for HDR, and given the smaller diagonal, fans of a clear and sharp picture may like the Sony image even more than Samsung. But the refresh rate of Japanese TV is slightly more modest - 100 Hz.

Sony uses an adapted version of Android as a system, so your new TV will hardly be inferior in capabilities to a computer. Unless you have to control it with a remote control. However, thanks to a set of connectors for connecting gadgets and peripherals, you can use your usual keyboard.

It seems that the difference in price with Samsung is also due to a slightly simpler acoustic solution: there are half as many speakers installed here.

The relatively recent Smart TV function has firmly entered the world of home electronics, becoming as commonplace as 4K or HDR. The world owes its active development to the emergence of broadband Internet, without which it is impossible to organize high-speed data transmission, which is necessary for working with video content. Initially, Smart TVs were equipped mainly with set-top boxes, but with the widespread and cheapening of systems on a chip (SoC), all manufacturers began to install them in their TVs. As a consequence, the emergence of a large number of smart TVs.

What is modern Smart TV? In fact, a TV with Smart TV is a full-fledged computer. Computing potential is provided by an integrated SoC, a built-in modem or wireless module is connected to the Internet, peripherals are connected via Bluetooth, and it manages all this by displaying the user interface and the operating system. It depends on her how convenient the interaction with the TV is and what services will be available.

Today there are five main platforms on the market, some of which are developed by manufacturers of equipment for their products on their own, while the other part is produced by companies specializing in software development. Android TV, adapted for Google TVs, is growing the most. Samsung, LG and Panasonic hold monopoly on their own operating systems. The lagging ones include Roku OS, which, although it is used by a number of manufacturers, is still not in great demand.

Android TV

Perhaps, the Android OS today does not need a special introduction, although the adapted operating system has been used as a basis for Smart TV only since 2015. The undeniable advantages of the platform, in addition to the simple, concise and familiar interface to most smartphone owners, include a large number of compatible applications downloaded from Google Play. True, programs for smartphones cannot be installed on Android TV, if only because the TV is controlled from the remote control or connected peripherals. Although the craftsmen can put them on, they will need a gamepad or mouse.

The platform is the successor of Google TV, only implemented exclusively in software form. It comes with a standard set of pre-installed apps like Netflix, Spotify, VLC Media Player, and Facebook. Of the useful functions, there are voice control and gesture control, Chromecast support, which allows you to mirror the screen of a smartphone or other device, and an application for control from a mobile device that can replace the remote control. Also, Android TV has voice search and the ability to watch IPTV.

Google is trying in every possible way to promote its platform, but market leaders - Samsung and LG, as expected, prefer to use their developments. The most common operating system is in the segment of multimedia set-top boxes. Only Sony, Sharp and TCL are among the major manufacturers of Android TVs. By the way, it was Sony in 2015 in its BRAVIA line that was the first to use the Google platform, which it continues to do to this day. For example, the new 2018 Sony KD-55XF7596 with 4K HDR support has a firmware update. Android TV is controlled by voice, and to find the desired application, just say its name.

Tizen OS

Tizen is an open source operating system based on the Linux kernel, developed since 2011 with contributions from the Linux Foundation, Samsung, Intel and several other major companies. It can be launched on a variety of mobile, automotive and consumer electronics, including TVs, which have been using the platform since 2014. Samsung is one of the key developers of the system, and the company has been using it in all of its smart TVs since 2015. Tizen has an intuitive interface with flexible settings, supports multi-screen mode, Miracast and smartphone screen mirroring.

The interface is a panel with icons at the bottom of the screen, as well as the "Popular", "Recent", "Recommended" sections and a game panel. Like Android TV, the operating system allows the installation of third-party applications downloaded from the Tizen Store. The platform comes preloaded with Netflix, Youtube, HBO Now and Amazon Video, voice and remote control. By the way, the One Remote has a built-in digital pointer for ease of control. For those who use Smart TV for the first time, the manufacturer has provided a visual interactive guide.

Today, many Samsung TVs are equipped with smart features. Note the QE55Q6FN model, which is part of the QLED family updated at the beginning of the year. Thanks to the SmartThings app, the TV is very easy to set up and search for the right content, and can also control devices from the smart home.


Where to install the TV in the kitchen

Much depends on where the TV will be installed. If during the repair you calculated in advance that "there will be a TV set here," then everything is fine and there are almost no problems. Why almost? The reason lies in the right choice of location. And here there is one, but extremely important rule - you must not install the TV too high.

Often, a place is chosen according to the following scenario: first, all household appliances are placed, and where there is free space, they put a TV set. And this is fundamentally wrong! By the way, this option is no different from when TV is not planned at all. In the saddest situations, it is placed on the refrigerator or hung on the wall. If the device is hanging at a height of 1.5-1.8 m, this is normal, but sometimes it ends up on a high refrigerator or above a door.

If you still want to install the TV higher, raise your head and look at the intended place of fixing the TV for about 15 minutes. This will be enough to fully feel how your neck becomes numb and the desire to watch even an interesting movie disappears. Our verdict: Hanging the TV high or placing it on a large refrigerator is a bad choice.

You can hang a TV picture in a large kitchen or dining room

Install the TV in the kitchen in the place to which you are facing the most of the time. You should not hang it near the window, if during cooking it is behind you, and the table is set on the other side - then you will have to constantly twist your neck to see the frames of your favorite movie. Perhaps, in order to find the perfect place, you will have to rearrange some household appliances - but then you will definitely be able to appreciate the right choice and enjoy comfortable watching TV in the kitchen.

Small or large TV in the kitchen?

The size of the TV screen that suits you depends largely on the available space. As a rule, in this case, you do not have to choose for a long time: if you are going to install the TV in a niche or between cabinets, then the size of the diagonal will be determined by the available space.

Small TV can be fixed under the kitchen cabinet

The size of the TV also depends on the size of the entire kitchen. More precisely, from the distance to the place from which you will watch TV. Modern LED arrays put forward much less requirements than old CRT picture tubes, but there are still certain limitations. In choosing a place to install the TV, a table of the dependence of the distance to the TV from its diagonal will help.

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