Popasnyanka realized her childhood dream of becoming the owner of a dog and now she has 14 of them

World Dog Day was celebrated around the world on May 16. This day is intended to draw attention to the amazing, sensitive creatures that dogs are, as well as to their protection. On the eve of this holiday, we met with the fabulous Lyudmila Petrenko, who not only is madly in love with dogs, but also breeds them in her own kennel. We asked her to talk about her passion for these animals, about the peculiarities of their content and much more.

Love for dogs

Lyudmila Nikolaevna told us that she had a love for dogs since early childhood. Throughout her studies at school, she begged her father to get a dog. I liked German Shepherds very much. Lyudmila collected a huge collection of postcards with their images, because she had a dream to become the owner of a dog of just such a breed. But her father always refused her, since the dog is large for an apartment. “When you grow up, get yourself at least 10 pieces,” was the answer then, and he found a response already at a fairly mature age.

"Now we have 14 dogs in our kennel," says Lyudmila with a smile, "9 of them are puppies from our pets."

The love for dogs at school age was so great that puppies from all the streets of the VRZ were brought into the yard, they were fed and looked after, they built houses, which caused indignation among the adult part of the inhabitants of the house. After the work shift, the neighbors told the father about the new pets that his daughter brought into the yard.

“Dogs paid for their care with love. If the boys from the yard tried to offend me and other girls, the dog named "Baby" always protected us and tore off their pants, "recalls Lyudmila.

First Own Dog

Lyudmila got her first dog when she was already married. It was not a purebred dog, but a crossbreed welsh terrier and some other breed. The owners did not need it, and Lyudmila decided to take it for herself.

The dog was small, so they took it, even though we lived in an apartment. The family even put up with the fact that the dog sometimes allowed himself to be naughty. According to Lyudmila, she was very smart, was always there, obeyed the owners in everything, but she was very bored to live in the apartment, because this is a very energetic dog. She needed to run and jump all day, so they decided to settle the dog with relatives in a private house. There she helped herd the cows, guarded the yard and just played with the children.

"We visited her very often, but once, already at the age of 10, Karma was poisoned by thieves who entered the yard, although she was taught not to eat from someone else's hands (she probably could not resist)", - with Lyudmila says sadly.

Other dogs died immediately, but this one survived, but she started having health problems and soon she died too. Already when Lyudmila, years later, nevertheless acquired the German shepherd dogs she dreamed of so much, she very often remembered her first dog and decided, no matter what, to get herself a welsh terrier. She did so.

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