On the street with sores on my legs

62-year-old Oleg Evdokimov has been living on the street for four years. According to the man, he first became a victim of an unscrupulous developer, and then, obviously, due to his own weakness, he could not cope with the difficulties. Now he spends the night at the train station or in the shelters, carries everything he needs with him in a bag and tries to cure his ulcerated legs with cheap medicines. The UFA.AIF.RU correspondent spent one day with the homeless and tried to understand why he sank to the social bottom.

His home is a train station

Morning 9:30. Ufa railway station. Long benches along the checkout lines with the tired faces of the cashiers. A cleaning lady passes by with a rag emitting a pungent smell of bleach. At the entrance, the police are checking things and documents. Those who are waiting, even if they are waiting for the train, try not to have a snack here. Many people cannot sleep, without a travel pillow - discomfort. But for Oleg there are no such problems. He sleeps here every day and for him this is one of the most convenient places in the city. Because Oleg is homeless.

“We had a little drink yesterday. And then all the time in suspense. Bad thoughts creep into my head, and my brains will break. And then you bang - and better, "says Oleg and busily climbs into the bag lying next to him on the bench.

At 11:00 he needs to be with the doctor, so he prepares for the trip in advance - he takes out a hat and a scarf. He carries these things with him everywhere - he has no friends left with whom he can leave, and his relatives are far from here.

How he lost his home

Oleg has been living on the street for four years already. At one time he was an electrician, in the 1980s he collected light and music, flashing lights, then he worked at enterprises, had both money and a roof over his head. The problems began with the fact that in 2011 the house on Mashinostroiteley Street, in which he lived, was recognized as emergency. Oleg then agreed to the redemption value of the dilapidated housing and invested in the construction of a new one - in the village of Alekseevka. I gave 1.7 million rubles. The developer, he said, promised to rent the house in September 2014, but did not. As a result, housing was rented out in 2016 and without communications.

“We handed over without anything at all. One bare frame. Even the plumbing not carried out. And they ripped off our money and threw it there as a waste element, ”Oleg recalls indignantly.

According to him, many owners complained to the prosecutor's office, but he did not. At that time, the man worked in the North and hoped that he would still finish the apartment from his salary, but he soon quit.

“I thought I’ll work for two or three months, make money, order a brigade, get me renovated - and no problem. But suddenly he took a fool and quit. And then I could not get a job, I did not fit in age. As a result, no housing, no money, ”says Oleg.

“I'm not sleeping there on bare cement, but I have no one to help somehow arrange everything there. And so my wanderings began. At first he lived with his friends. I’ll spend the night at one, then at the other. And then he completely became on the street - in the entrances, then in the shelters and in the shelters, ”says Oleg.

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