Olympic meme: week in the news

The scandalous anti-rating of CNN, the Google logo in the colors of the LGBT movement, the Olympics through the eyes of Dmitry Medvedev - the KYKY editors collected the funniest memes of this week and wrote down a few of their own.

The most ridiculous courage in the world

CNN has published a rating of the ugliest monuments in the world, which, among others, includes the Courage monument - an element of the Brest Hero-Fortress memorial. Almost two weeks passed since its publication on January 25, before the news reached Russian officials and the Russian Internet, causing a storm of indignation.

The author of the article joked about the soldier's face, which “expresses either anger or constipation,” and played up the name of the monument, noting that you can't look at the monument without courage. At first, the blasphemous lines angered the Russian embassy in the United States, which stated that “such ratings are unacceptable from the point of view of the historical significance of monuments and simply do not fit into normal human perception.”

Later, the reaction of the Belarusian side followed. The director of the "Brest Hero-Fortress" memorial complex said that he would seek an apology and monetary compensation for moral damage from CNN, and the Belarusian Foreign Ministry summoned the head of the US diplomatic mission to convey our indignation to CNN. For the memory of the heroes, the young guards of United Russia also made a case, which made a one-man picket at the doorstep of the CNN office in Moscow:

All this time, battles were raging on the Internet. While some offered to cut CNN out of the broadcasting of all cable networks (see Before /// db), others continued to scoff at the monument to the heroes of the war:

And the writer Eduard Limonov in his blog called the Statue of Liberty in the USA the ugliest monument:

Under With a flurry of public condemnation, the CNN editors removed from the text a stifling joke about a soldier's constipation and made a remark with apologies. But the power continued to buzz on Twitter and Facebook, and an unknown telephone terrorist threatened to blow up the CNN building in Moscow if the monument was not excluded from the rating. For this or another reason, the offensive top-list was removed from the official CNN website, and instead a message from the editorial board appeared, in which the TV channel emphasized that the anti-rating pursued the only noble goal - in a joking manner to acquaint readers with monuments around the world.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the "Courage" monument, the rating includes monuments to the victims of September 11 in New Jersey, Martin Luther King in Ohio, a statue of John Paul II c. Rome, but only the Russian-Belarusian side considered itself hurt.

Hang on the rainbow

Google has posted on the home page a new splash screen timed to coincide with the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. It illustrates the Olympics in the colors of the LGBT movement.

The illustration is accompanied by a quote from the article of the Olympic Charter, which declares the right of everyone to play sports without any discrimination. It is this principle that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged to observe, speaking on the eve of the opening of the Olympic Games. His demands to stop discrimination against sexual minorities were harshly received by Russian officials, who accused the peacekeeping mission of supporting Russia's opponents.

At the stage of preparation for the Sochi Olympics, a campaign was launched in the world to defend the rights of sexual minorities in Russia. Activists have called for a boycott of the Olympics until the law banning gay propaganda is lifted. The flash mob was picked up by the liberal-minded lenta.ru, changing the avatar on social networks:

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