Lukashenko: the main task for the coming months; to form a combat-ready sports; landing; in Tokyo

The top priority task for the sports industry in Belarus for the coming months is to form a combat-ready sports "landing" in Tokyo. The President of Belarus, President of the National Olympic Committee Alexander Lukashenko drew attention to this today at the Olympic meeting of the NOC, BelTA has learned.

One of the main topics of the meeting at the NOC was the preparation of Belarusian athletes for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The head of state asked the leadership of the Ministry of Sports what conclusions were made after Rio de Janeiro and what measures were taken to eliminate shortcomings in the training of athletes.

“As always, there are a lot of expectations and promises. Although the Olympic selection for Tokyo is not over yet, it can already be stated that team sports (with the exception of three-on-three basketball) have failed. There are no licenses yet in boxing, judo, karate, taekwondo, fencing. We expect more from wrestlers, athletes, shooters, ”Alexander Lukashenko stressed.

“In the absence of official starts, at your request, I have extended for a year the payment of nominal presidential scholarships to candidates for participation in the Olympics and their coaches. Everything possible has been done for athletes and coaches, and even more so in these difficult conditions. Therefore, the primary task for the coming months is to form a combat-ready sports "landing" in Tokyo. Excuses are not accepted here, and there cannot be any at all! - warned the Belarusian leader. - We really need a combat-ready "landing" in Tokyo. We will go there to fight, it will not be easy for us. Just like Russia, in the popular saying, we will be crushed from all sides. And we must endure. ”

The Head of State also recalled that the Olympic Games will be held in conditions of unprecedented antiquated measures and restrictions, and this moment must be taken into account, because it will happen anything can. He stressed that you need to be ready to address the related issues of acclimatization of athletes, the delivery of the delegation and cargo to the Olympic Village, the organization of training, everyday life and medical services.

“Everything that is necessary for our athletes to perform with dignity has been created. If more is needed, more will be created. It all depends on the athletes. What else needs to be done in the near future so that our performance in Tokyo is not ashamed in front of the people? Let's talk today in essence and frankly: what else needs to be done. Although tactics and strategies have long been known, they have been defined. Athletes and especially coaches know perfectly well how to bring them to the top of their form. Please take action. I repeat once again: say what is necessary - we will create additional conditions, ”summed up Alexander Lukashenko.

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