Improvement of the territory and overhaul of houses in Vostochny in the report of the head of the council

At the meeting of the Council of Deputies of the Vostochny municipal district, the head of the council, Viktor Ivanovsky, made a report on the state of affairs in the region that had developed in 2020. He spoke about the improvement of the territory and the overhaul of houses in high alert conditions.

In the Vostochny district, Ivanovsky recalled at the beginning of the report, there are 55 courtyard territories. Every day, the appropriate organizations monitor the cleanliness and order on them, and where required, they carry out landscaping, landscaping, install new playgrounds, and repair the asphalt. Despite the pandemic, work continued in 2020.

Improvement of the district territory

According to Viktor Ivanovsky, in 2020 the territory was landscaped near the house 9 on Glavnaya street, and also work was carried out to improve the area adjacent to the preschool department of school No. 664 (Glavnaya street, 5A)

- In the courtyard area on Glavnaya Street, the asphalt-concrete pavement was repaired, the curbstone was replaced, the pavement was arranged on the playgrounds, the lawn was repaired and 5 new MAFs were installed, - Ivanovsky reported. - In the preschool department of school No. 664, the asphalt pavement was repaired, the curbstone was replaced, 67 MAFs were installed and replaced. At the address: the village of Akulovo, house 4, a sports training complex for workout exercises has appeared.

Also last year, next to house 7 on Glavnaya street, house 5 on May 9 street, and also houses 7 and 20 in the village of Akulovo, work was carried out to repair the asphalt concrete pavement. Under the Million Trees program, 18 trees and 2,152 bushes were planted at the following addresses: Glavnaya street, houses 8, 10, 12, May 9 street, houses 7, 7a, 9, 11, 15, 17, 19, 21, 28, one; pos. Akulovo, houses 7, 10, 14, 16, 22, 24.

In addition, as part of the implementation of activities for road safety in 2020, work was carried out on the arrangement of pedestrian crossings near house 7 on Zapadnaya Street and houses 8-11 in the village of Akulovo. A parking pocket was arranged next to the Pyaterochka store on Glavnaya Street. And according to numerous appeals of residents and deputies, the sidewalk from Glavnaya Street, vl. 14 to the preschool department of school number 664.

Disinfection measures

The head of the administration made a special emphasis on disinfection works, which were carried out in accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor on countering the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19. So in the second quarter of 2020, daily disinfection was carried out in 199 entrances of residential buildings and the asphalt near them was processed. Also, access roads to medical institutions, a police department, a multifunctional center "My Documents", a drinking water treatment station, and social security facilities were treated with disinfectants.

Viktor Ivanovsky added this information with a message that during the pandemic, patrol groups were created in the area from the employees of the administration and the State Budgetary Institution “Zhilishnik of the Vostochny District”, whose duty was to inform residents about the rules of behavior in public places parks and squares.

Winter preparations and repairs

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