Ideas for original wedding gifts

A wedding ceremony is the most beautiful and solemn event in the life of newlyweds, in which everything should be perfect: decoration, music, banquet and, of course, gifts. The difficult question of what to give for a wedding can be solved quite easily with a creative approach. The tradition of wedding offerings dates back to a long time and has undergone significant changes. A modern set of original and interesting proposals allows you to get rid of stereotypes and present a creative surprise gift filled with humor and meaning.

When do you get gifts at a wedding?

The ceremony of giving gifts at the wedding banquet depends on the traditions of the particular area. The moment and order of congratulations is determined by the host of the celebration or toastmaster. Many young people prefer modern weddings and the European version of the presentation - quick and not tiring: at the beginning of the banquet, the bride and groom are waiting at the entrance to the hall, and the guests take turns coming up to them with congratulations and gifts.

A more original way of presenting involves a pre-prepared script, according to which the invitees are united in groups according to the degree of acquaintance, family ties, in order to present gifts in a bright artistic form, in the intervals between competitions and dances. Depending on financial capabilities and degree of kinship, you can donate things for an interesting and eventful family life:

A wedding gift with meaning

A wedding gift remains a traditional attribute of the holiday, however, new original ideas help to significantly expand the boundaries of choice, find interesting accents and symbols. To choose a symbolic and appropriate gift, you need to correctly assess the status of the celebration, the style of the wedding ceremony. Choosing an original wedding a gift, it is advisable to take into account the history of acquaintance, interesting facts of life together, common interests or the opposite of characters. The choice of a presentation with meaning largely depends on the lifestyle, profession, hobbies of the newlyweds:

Comic wedding gifts

Many invitees rightly believe that the best way to congratulate newlyweds is money, which can be put in a beautiful gift envelope, an original box or decorated in the form of a money tree, an umbrella with a "golden" rain, improvised cakes and bouquets with banknotes ... However, if you want to give something more emotional and bright, feel free to choose a funny, creative, interesting wedding gift or an original addition to the "cash contribution".

Ready-made wedding ideas look simple and original:

Gifts for painting

Usually, newlyweds are congratulated with flowers after the solemn registration of marriage. Painting without a wedding banquet does not look so formal, so gifts can be more informal, varied in form and content, with humor: engraved personalized bracelets, a leather-bound book for a family chronicle, a set of unusual aprons for newlyweds. The main thing is to give emotions and memorabilia that will bring joy for many years.

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