How to make a circular saw from a grinder with your own hands

It is very convenient to keep various types of tools at home that can be used for many tasks. But sometimes people do not have the opportunity to buy professional equipment, so they try to use materials at hand to transform the factory unit into something more versatile. An example of this approach is a circular from a grinder. This should be done according to the instructions based on real user experience.

Design Features

A distinctive feature of a hand-assembled circular saw from an ordinary grinder is that it can also be used as a household device that is easy to manually transfer from place to place. The factory unit is a massive prefabricated structure. But there is also a drawback - you will have to use additional fasteners to fix the saw on the base.

Important! The main element will be the grinder's engine, which acts as the core of the future saw.

Do-it-yourself circular saw from a grinder - list of components:

  • A frame or homemade table on which the tool and material for processing will be installed. The size is selected individually, so that it is convenient for the operator to stand behind the saw for a certain time.
  • The frame for mounting the saw.
  • Directly the engine itself, which drives the unit.
  • < li> Stop for sliding the machine.
  • A rod for adjusting the height in the cut to be created.
  • Nozzle disc for cutting materials.
  • Reducer.
  • <

To secure your homemade product, you need to pay attention to the correct choice of disk. The grinder is a rather complex multifunctional tool, so you cannot use a disc for processing stone if you have to work with wood. At any moment, it can jam and break. As a result, the operator will be seriously injured due to shards.

If the circular saw will be installed on the floor, then the frame must be securely fixed with corners to ensure stability. To make a bed, you can disassemble an old unnecessary cabinet, or purchase several sheets of chipboard. But the most reliable option is to make a metal structure.

Important! A homemade machine can handle small wooden beams. If you need more power to cut very large logs, then it is advisable to purchase a factory machine.

Usually the countertop is made of plywood. The table must stand firmly on the floor and not wobble, as strong vibration will be generated during work without this.

On a homemade saw, you need to install a disc with a smaller diameter than was used for the grinder. Thus, the motor will not overheat under continuous load. It is important to take into account that the power of the selected motor is at least 1600 W.

If the user decided to make a more complex device, then he will have to look for additional elements: a belt drive and a pulley system. Using a belt, you can reduce the speed of the disc rotation.

The advantages of a homemade tool

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