How to draw a lizard with a pencil step by step for beginners and children: step by step instructions

How to make a wooden box with your own hands

In the first master class, we will tell you how to make an elegant wooden box. Simple work does not require a lot of time, complex calculations or expensive material. You can even use unnecessary trimmings lying around in the pantry.

A well-polished box is beautiful even without additional decoration PHOTO:

Solid wood boxes look unusual PHOTO: Box decoration in shabby chic style PHOTO:

Even simple milling will become an elegant decoration of the box PHOTO:

What you need to make a box

A solid piece of wood will do for our box. Cherries are preferred, but other breeds can be selected. In addition, you need to prepare the following:

  • wood glue and brush;
  • band saw or jigsaw;
  • clamps;
  • chisels of various shapes for curly carving;
  • wax or oil for finishing the finished product.

Sketch of cutting a solid piece of wood PHOTO: Sketch of the lid and bottom of the box PHOTO:

Step-by-step instructions for making a wooden box

Making a box from wood requires certain skills in working with the material. Let's consider all the stages in more detail.

Illustration Description of action PHOTO: Cut off an even part 1.5-2 cm wide from the workpiece, this will be the lid of the box

Change the angle of the table by 2-3º PHOTO: Form the conical area of ​​the box by sawing out the inner waste part PHOTO: Apply a thin layer of glue and glue the two halves of the box. This will prevent further cracking of the product

Video: Drawing a lizard

How to draw a cartoon gecko?

Draw a cartoon gecko

Let's define the borders of our drawing on a sheet of paper, marking them with light pencil lines. Let's draw a circle. Attach the downwardly concave centerline of the reptile's body to the bottom of the circle.

Draw a circle and centerline Draw the outline of the head Draw a reptile's eye Draw the front limbs

  • Draw the outline of the reptile's head from above along the circumference. Draw the nose and mouth with curved lines.
  • Draw the big eyes of the gecko. Draw a short stroke for the nostril.
  • Draw the front legs of the reptile. Let's not forget to draw three fingers.

Finishing the hind limbs

  • We clarify the contour of the body and hind legs.
  • Draw the short tail.
  • Remove the auxiliary lines and color the picture at our discretion.

How to draw a lizard with a pencil step by step for beginners and children: step by step instructions

Following this step-by-step tutorial, you just need to add new lines and elements shown in the picture in different colors, which will greatly simplify the creation process.

We start the drawing by sketching the main outlines. We need to outline the body and head of the reptile with two ovals. Leave a gap between the ovals located at a slight slope. We give the ovals the desired shape, outlining the outline of the neck on top. This will connect the head and torso. Let's start drawing the limbs

Please note: you need to start drawing the contour of the paws with elongated ovals (one is located almost horizontally relative to the upper body, the second is perpendicular), after which their contours are smoothly connected. In the elbow area we outline a small triangle and draw small tentacle legs. We continue to draw the legs of the reptile, just go to the back of the body

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