How the security forces made terrorists out of Krasnoyarsk schoolchildren because of their love for Letov, the grandson of the ex-mayor and the railgun

Taiga. NPO partially reprints the text of Novaya Gazeta "Railgun zhahnul". The case of Siberian anarchist teenagers accused of terrorism: the role of the school, provocateur, secret witness, bait "with the permission of the editorial board. Author Alexei Tarasov understands in detail why the schoolchildren were locked up in a pre-trial detention center, and here is a secret witness and local teachers.

Last June, the FSB unmasked the anarchist underground in the Siberian city of Kansk, charging three 14-year-olds with terrorism. The community has existed online since October 2019: a group in VK, then in TG. Its name was transformed in accordance with the hobbies of adolescents and the evolution of views, the latter - "Free Association (Anarcho-Communist Bund) Free syndicate of a bright future." It was also offline, but nothing at all - there was a company of eighth-graders from School No. 21, who dreamed of justice and were looking for sharp emotions. Since mid-March 2020, the schoolgirl of the Krasnoyarsk Territory was the first in Russia to self-isolate, meetings have become rare.

Three is the core. The security experts add two more to the expanded composition of the cell, and three more attract their attention in short-term contacts with the group. A total of eight.

Rosfinmonitoring includes teenagers in the list of terrorists, and the state agency lists their full names in it, but we do not disclose them, with the exception of Nikita Uvarov (with the permission of his mother). The authorities assign him the role of a leader, he has been in custody since June 8, now in pre-trial detention center-5 in Kansk, in November a friend left him from under house arrest (for violation of conditions) - let's call him that, because they are really friends. Even though

Nikita didn’t admit anything, and his Friend didn’t admit everything. And he testified against Nikita as an organizer.

This alone says about Nikita no less than all the volumes of the swelling criminal case: both that he did not confess, and that he forgave the Friend.

The third of the "centers" is the Chemist. He made progress in this science, an olympiad, was in a school scientific society, studied without triples. Recently I came to school for events for the OGE. Classmates come up, stretch their hand. Accompanying guards swoop in: “Move away! You can't! " “It’s crazy,” witnesses say, “the child hasn’t seen anyone for 8 months.” Chemist under house arrest.

I'm leafing through Nikita's notebooks with an invariable bookplate - a letter, A in a circle (anarchist sign). After the works on Pushkin, the postscript: "Pushkin is a genius." And a heart to Pushkin.

This is from the heart, like the compositions themselves. Nikita does not write off (from what I saw), he always writes his own worldview. Now hearts are in letters to my mother from prison. Only here censors, unlike teachers, do not emphasize them with red ink. Nikita persistently writes "lights" instead of "flowers". And in school texts, and in his poems.

Why is this boy in prison for the ninth month? Why was he identified as the organizer? Why were he and two of his friends chosen?

"Novaya" has identified the fourth teenager - the authorities have no complaints against him, passes as a witness (Marxist). This is the grandson of the former mayor. And the fifth - under three names, the one who pushed the guys to action on the brink and beyond - nobody seems to know.

Evaporated and, presumably, will appear only at the trial as a secret witness (presumably, Novaya has found out his real name). It looks like the patterns for the affairs of BARS (“Baltic avant-garde of Russian resistance”) and “New Greatness”.

"New" also found the one who called the guys to the meeting, where they were taken, taking away their phones and finding evidence in them. He is an adult, and he says that he acted at the request of the FSB.

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