How businesses survive in quarantine

We continue the special project "Business in quarantine". Entrepreneurs talk about how the quarantine affected their business, what solutions they are looking for. Businessmen from Pokrovsk share their experience: showman Alexander Gudkov, fitness trainer Anna Dudlya and Nikolai Golovko, who produces tiles.

"Saves the online course, where we set goals and achieve them"

Anna Dudlya is a professional fitness trainer from Pokrovsk. During the quarantine, she launched a transformation marathon, in which she helps women maintain and improve their shape:

- I conduct trainings in different directions. Zumba, Pilates, stretching, strength fitness, oriental and modern dances. I also have a show ballet.

Due to quarantine, the activity has completely stopped. The only minimum income opportunity is online training. While it was possible, I conducted individual trainings in the park (since April 6, the government has banned visits to parks and other recreation areas. - Its own). Due to the fact that many were left without work, the price for such classes was set half as much. And it gave the opportunity to train for free for girls and women who were left without work.

It turns out that there is still enough money only for food. It is not known what to do with installments, loans, utilities and taxes. I know that you don't have to pay a single tax, but that doesn't make it any easier. Only parents and husband help, although he also has problems with work.

Saves the online course, where we set goals and achieve them. I will promote online training. I would like more beautiful videos, not at home, but we do what we can.

A piece of advice from me, which, probably, everyone has already taken advantage of - to conduct sales on sites, in groups in the vibe, in social networks. This is the only way out so far. Or rather, not even a way out, but an opportunity to earn a living.

"Quarantine is a chance to discover new abilities in yourself"

Pokrovchanin Nikolay Golovko is engaged in construction and produces paving slabs. He participated in the Ukrainian Donetsk Kurkul project, received a grant and purchased equipment that allowed him to expand the range. Until recently, he had a staff of five employees, but since the beginning of the year only one employee has remained in his business.

- I had several production locations, now there is only one left. There is no business support. And I also criticize the city authorities. They turned on the red light everywhere, and then the quarantine arrived in time. But I am not discouraged.

There were large-scale orders since the beginning of the year, but I put them on hold because the customers planned to pay in installments. Coronavirus has made its own adjustments, customers have decreased income.

I receive orders, people are ready to start construction, but I'm not sure if this should be done in the current conditions. If the quarantine does not last long, I can continue my business. But suddenly the situation drags on, then you will have to radically redesign the case.

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