From rehearsals at Zoom to walking on stage with Mom

On the last day of February, this Sunday, in the Palace of Culture for Schoolchildren, the premiere of the inclusive dance performance "Left Behind" will take place, preparation for which took more than six months. The production involves professional and novice dancers, as well as children with disabilities. The project was carried out thanks to a presidential grant, which was won by the public organization "Center for the Development of Contemporary Dance". Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first rehearsals were held at Zoom, and the offline choreography practice began only in the fall.

“We received a grant and already in July we tried to start preparations, but because of the quarantine, everything became more complicated. There was no opportunity to practice in the choreographic hall, and we called up on the video in Zoom. When the incidence began to decline, still few people came to rehearsals, many were afraid. I started writing the script for the play in September, and our real rehearsals started in the fall. Then the separate scenes of the performance began to form a single picture, ”says Maria Vorotnikova, artistic director of the Center for the Development of Contemporary Dance.

Waiting for his appearance on the stage

An inclusive dance performance dedicated to the life of people who grew up in an orphanage. Students of the Tvorcheskiy Disorder dance studio and children with disabilities - participants in the project of the regional public organization “Center for the Development of Contemporary Dance” will perform on one stage. 57 people will take part in the performance. In preparation for it, 24 children with disabilities were engaged in an inclusive workshop. Many of them can be seen on stage. But some of the guys need help, so they will come to the stage together with their parents.

“I've watched a lot of documentaries and interviews about how children graduate from an orphanage. This inspired me to create a performance. They say that it is hard for them to live on their own. They are left alone. On the one hand, being left to oneself is a great joy, on the other hand, a few have a life after leaving the orphanage. They have very difficult fates ... ”- says Maria Vorotnikova.

The story of the play begins with a story about a girl who grew up in an orphanage. From a very young age, the girl was a difficult teenager and controlled her peers. Having matured, the heroine gives her newborn baby to an orphanage. Like her mother, she abandons her child. It seems that everything will work out in the girl's life when a married couple appears who wants to pick her up. But events will turn out in such a way that another child will be taken to the family.

“The harsh conditions in which children live in orphanages form cruelty and impudence in them. When I am preparing for the play, I try to put myself in the place of this girl, who was initially abandoned by her parents, and then other people refused to take her to the family. As a result, in her life, having contacted the wrong man, my heroine repeats the act of her mother. She feels misunderstanding, disappointment and anger at everyone, ”says Anastasia Zlobina, the leading actor, shares her thoughts.

Anastasia Zlobina watching the rehearsal

And there are many such stories when future adoptive parents abandon children. According to the director of the play, Maria Vorotnikova, the heroine's storyline is based on the real story of a 15-year-old boy who was not taken into the family only because the orphanage teacher insisted on it. The teacher drew the attention of future parents to another child who has many achievements and awards. And the life of the young man continued within the walls of the orphanage.

The other characters in the play are a married couple who want to adopt a girl and also face difficulties. They need to mentally prepare themselves, go through all the instances and collect a large number of documents.

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