February 27

"White ice and a bear - white, put on a warm fur coat" - another thematic day is dedicated to the owner of the North, the polar bear. Use our dedicated selection of games and activities to educate your kids about this animal and do some creative work with them.

Tell the kids

The polar bear is one of the largest predators. He lives in the Arctic, in the kingdom of snow and ice, where it is always cold. Therefore, he has such a warm white coat, in which he is completely invisible in the snow. This helps the bear a lot when hunting, and he hunts fish and seals. The polar bear runs very dexterously even on very thin ice, can quickly climb onto ice floes, jump from great heights onto ice and into the water, and he also swims and dives perfectly.

The polar bear is such a successful hunter that it has practically no enemies in nature, except that the killer whale can attack it in the water. The main enemy of this powerful animal is man. Previously, people hunted polar bears for their skin and meat, now this animal is listed in the Red Book and hunting for it is prohibited.

But the number of these animals is still decreasing - bears are dying due to poor ecology and global warming, also caused by human pollution. To draw people's attention to this problem, an ecological holiday was established - International Polar Bear Day.

Daily To Do List

Host a polar bear festival at home!

Here's what you can do on this holiday!

All ideas for themed crafts can be found in the "Polar Bear" section of the site.

Volumetric application "Polar bear". Preschoolers made a portrait of a polar bear as part of the study of the topic "Animals of the North"

The kindergartners made a polar bear out of a plastic plate, and used a coffee bean to depict the tip of the nose.

Application "Bear on an ice floe" with painted waves and snowflakes made with a hole punch.

Postcard for the Day of the Polar Bear, in which beautiful snowflakes fall right on the bear's nose.

On June 30, 2020, by order number 954 of the Government of Russia, within the framework of the implementation of the national project "Ecology", the state nature reserve "Bear Islands" was created. The area of ​​the reserve is more than 800 thousand hectares.

The reserve includes the Kolyma River delta, parts of the tundra territories of the Indigiro-Kolyma Lowland and the Medvezhyi Islands archipelago with the adjacent waters of the East Siberian Sea. The creation of the reserve will make it possible to preserve rare and endangered species of animals, birds and their habitat, since there are eight plant species and 27 species of wild animals included in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Now the Medvezhyi Ostrov reserve is part of the Lena Pillars National Park. Ivan Suzdalov is the director of the Medvezhyi Ostrov reserve - deputy director of the FSBI Lena Pillars National Park. In a short time, with the support of the director of the Lena Pillars National Park Arkady Semyonov, the reserve team carried out a lot of organizational work, and now the inspectors are already engaged in the protection of the places of traditional residence of polar bears on the coast of the East Siberian Sea, ensure compliance with the reserve regime, monitor animals dr.

The inspectors already have laptops, satellite phones, navigators, camera traps, snowmobiles in their arsenal. The material and technical base of the reserve began to form in the fall of 2020 and this year it continues to be strengthened thanks to funding from the federal budget within the framework of the national project "Ecology".

An aerial survey of polar bears conducted in October 2020 with the participation of specialists from the Ministry of Ecology of Yakutia, scientists and the head of the State Duma Committee on Ecology deserves a separate mention. During the aerial survey, additional information was obtained both about the polar bears themselves and the ice cover of the coastal zone of the East Siberian Sea.

Why do you need Polar Bear Day?

On February 27, the world celebrates the International Day of the Polar (Polar) Bear. The main idea of ​​celebrating this day is to spread information about this animal, to draw public attention to the need to protect the white master of the Arctic. There is a science and environmental education department in the Medvezhyi Ostrov State Park. The staff of the department have already carried out many activities to popularize knowledge about the polar bear.

They are mainly aimed at the younger generation.

So, over the past months, drawing contests were held among children, booklets were published telling about the reserve and its inhabitants, lectures, talks and meetings with schoolchildren of the Chersk secondary school and students of the Arctic College of the Peoples of the North are held.

Why protect the owners of the Arctic?

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