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Songs-alterations to well-known motives are simply necessary on March 8 for school concerts.

Such funny and romantic congratulations to teachers and classmates on International Women's Day will make your holiday an unforgettable event.

Songs with reworked lyrics will help students immerse themselves in the creative process and feel the importance of this holiday for women.

Cheerful, cool, beautiful school songs-alterations by March 8 will be an excellent creative gift for both teachers and classmates.

Redesigned teacher songs for Martha

To the song “Oops! Ananapa! " Stas Kostyushkina

There are many of us boys - and everyone could congratulate them on the holiday - send a postcard! Wish you good luck and goodness to boot. The girls will be happy - this is a reward for us!

Oops! Here is a holiday - March 8! Oops! Today we have cards in our hands! Oops! The girls are waiting for congratulations! Oops! We congratulate them without a doubt!

I'll get up early and buy tulips: I'll give my mom, because I love her! I will not forget Granny - I will be obedient all year! And let March 8 not be according to standard!

Oops! Here is a holiday - March 8! Oops! And we will take off the apron from mom today! Oops! We congratulate Granny too! Oops! We wish you all happiness and love!

Today is our day of self-control at school - credit for teachers, add to the account! Teachers live in the land of troubles all year round. I would buy them a cake - send them to the resort!

Oops! Here is a holiday - March 8! Oops! He caught us at the desk! Oops! Beloved, dear teacher! Oops! Get your bouquet!



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Another post of farewell to winter.

SNOWWIKE Maurice Karem per. Valentina Berestova

He is neither small nor large, Snowy white snowman. He has a carrot nose, He loves frost very much, In the cold, he does not freeze. And spring comes - it melts.

Erich Wolfgang Korngoldch (1897-1957) "SNOWMAN" ballet suite (written by the composer at the age of 11) It premiered at the Vienna Court Opera in 1910. Although rarely performed today, The Snowman had an impressive premiere and was extremely popular among orchestral compositions of the early 20th century. Originally written for piano, The Snowman was a programmatic composition based on a commedia dell'arte script written by the composer's father.

I. entry 00: 00-04: 31 II. first scene 04: 34-21: 45 III. intermission 21: 48-24: 10 IV. second scene 24: 10-42: 35

(orchestral version of the intro and first scene)

The first stage is the city square, where you can see a large panoramic window of the Pantalone house. Columbine, Pantalone's niece, is visible through the window. The musician Pierrot tries to serenade Columbine, but Pantalone rebuffs him. Then Pierrot buys a life-size Santa Claus as a present for Columbine. He tries to deliver a gift to Columbine, but the children interfere by throwing snowballs. Children are making a snowman under the Columbine window. Pierrot then puts on a snowman costume and takes the place of the snowman the children built. Columbine looks at the snowman longingly, and the irritated Pantalone asks the snowman to enter the house. Pierrot does just that and scares the servants. Pantalone, having quickly drunk a whole bottle of wine, now sees a lot of snowmen. In the end, he falls asleep, and Columbine and Pierrot confess their love to each other and run away. When Pantalone wakes up, he is chasing a couple, but the real snowman has already been put in place in the yard. An enraged Pantalone destroys the snowman into hundreds of pieces while the children dance around in a mocking manner.

March - the th day of spring - Hurray, spring has come With spring you

Pictures with the last day of winter, funny postcards with inscriptions for February 28, 2021. Today is February 28 - which means the last day of winter and tomorrow is spring. A great excuse to celebrate everyone and share your mood. Download our cool postcards with inscriptions and congratulations on the last day of winter for free.

Have you already chosen a spring card for March 1st?

???????? Statuses about spring in pictures, postcards, poetry, prose - Statuses about spring are beautiful, funny, funny, comic, funny, ironic, original

???????? Congratulations on the first day of spring in pictures - First day of spring pictures - Funny pictures SPRING with captions - Funny, funny poems about the first day of spring

???????? Pictures with captions: Poems winter, goodbye - Pictures winter, goodbye - Pictures winter, goodbye - Pictures with the last day of winter

Beautiful cards and cute poems for the end of winter: the last week of winter has begun-

We are now freezing And blizzards are not afraid, I congratulate you on the last day of winter.

Winter is angry, Doesn't want to leave, But the days are getting longer And the nights are shorter.

The sun is shining Brighter in the sky Today "Goodbye" We will say winter.

For spring we open Doors in the heart And we see off Winter without regret.

It's time for us to say goodbye to winter, Let the severe fast pass. Only one day is left, But it no longer counts.

I wish you a happy winter All adversity to carry out, To believe that spring will give Strength to love again.

International Women's Day can rightfully be called the most coveted holiday of the beautiful half of humanity. Frosts come to an end, the sun becomes more and more and very little remains until the riot of spring colors. On this day, I especially want to please my mothers, grandmothers, sisters and girlfriends, and a do-it-yourself card for March 8 will be just the way!

For you, we have selected several creative and unique ideas on how to make simple gifts out of paper on your own with your children, be it primary school age or kindergarten. In them you can write wishes that will keep warmth and your sincerity for many years.

Along with the postcard, you can also present a touching poem, especially for this occasion, we have prepared for you an article "Touching poems on March 8 to mom from son and daughter" with a selection of poems that mom will certainly like.

And if you want to draw a picture on a postcard, then take a look at this page, here you will find a lot of ideas of beautiful and light pencil drawings for International Women's Day.

Do-it-yourself cards for March: step-by-step master class

Volumetric surprises, of course, captivate with their originality. Making them using step-by-step instructions is not at all difficult. Let's get started!

Required materials and tools:

  • Sheets of colored paper
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Plastic for imitation glass in the window
  • Decor at your discretion

First, we make a base from colored cardboard. To do this, bend the sheet in half, cut out a square window in one half. We make a frame from brown paper. The glass for the window can be made from a screen protector from a smartphone or clear plastic. We glue all the elements to the base.

Next, we will make a pot for extraordinary flowers. We fold the side edges in such a way that when the product is closed, the pot folds. We glue it to the fold line. Can be decorated with lace.

Cut the petals and stems of flowers out of paper, then glue them into the pot. The height of the plants should be such that they do not stick out of the postcard, but are visible through the window!

The front part of the forgery can be supplemented with a card with a pleasant congratulation, curtains, ribbon bows.

Surprise teacher for International Women's Day

Both Totoro and Catbus are recognizable cartoon characters. Most likely you have seen these characters, even if you have not watched Hayao Miyazaki's cartoons. But it was the Japanese who invented them.

My Neighbor Totoro is Hayao Miyazaki's first feature-length cartoon set in Japan. And this is rural Japan. A family from a father and two girls moved here, to an old house. The girls also have a mother, but she is in the hospital.

Girls will have to face magical creatures living in the house and its surroundings, in particular with Totoro.

But who is this Totoro? There are kami in Japanese culture. These are the deities of Shintoism, they live everywhere: in the mountains, in water bodies. Nevertheless, Totoro is a creature that Miyazaki invented specifically for the cartoon.

Totoro is a big and soft beast. He does not speak, but smiles, showing his white teeth, and is ready to help if something goes wrong.

Totoro can summon Catbus - a mixture of a bus and a cat. There's a cool moment in the movie. It is raining, the girls are waiting for the bus at the bus stop. Their father is to come on it. Headlights come on in the distance, they approach. It seems to the viewer that this is the same bus. Suddenly the headlights jump in the air, cars can't do that. And now, it is clear that this is the Catbus. Totoro rides on it. And on the next, already ordinary bus, the girls' father arrives.

Catbus is one of the weirdest cartoon characters. But it is he who will play the main role in the final events of the film.

"My Neighbor Totoro" is a cartoon in which the viewer will have to feel sad. The story is shown through the eyes of girls, and their lives are filled with uncertainty: moving to a new place, mother's illness, an incomprehensible future.

Nevertheless, with this cartoon it is quite possible to start acquaintance with the work of the Japanese director.

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