Do not under any circumstances buy Card insurance from Sber Insurance! I tell you why

Inflammation of the oral cavity is, first of all, troubles: it is hard to chew, diction is disturbed, intoxication of the body manifests itself in the form of fever and other symptoms. When your gums are swollen, the doctor will tell you what to do, and knowledge about therapeutic measures will also help.

To prevent swelling of the gums and mouth, it is necessary to know the causes of such phenomena. Among them, the most common:

  • injury while eating;
  • injury with a toothpick or dental floss;
  • injury during surgery, punctures, wounds;
  • a secondary sign of diseases (periodontitis, gingivitis, herpes, stomatitis);
  • burns - chemical (hazardous liquids), thermal (hot soup or tea);
  • teething - in both children and adults.

If the gums are swollen, what to do? First of all, find out the reason. If the gum is inflamed in the area of ​​the neck of the tooth, the pain is constant and dull, there is tooth mobility and bleeding of the gums is observed - this is most likely the initial stage of periodontitis. If purulent discharge appears, pulsating pain with a return to the ear, a severe stage of periodontitis may develop. If the upper lip is swollen, what should I do? Understand the nature of the pain - the pain is constant, pulsating, radiates to the ear, to the temple, there is an increase in body temperature - perhaps this is an exacerbation of chronic periodontitis. There may be a flux, suppuration of the tooth root.

  • dental intervention;
  • traumatic injury, including piercing;
  • herpes;
  • gum inflammation - flux or periostitis;

With periostitis, purulent inflammation of the periosteum or jaw occurs. When the inflammation is in the upper jaw, the infection can spread to the upper lip. Various reasons lead to periostitis - poor-quality dental treatment, insufficient antiseptic treatment, improper placement of the filling; as well as secondary causes: stress, weakening of the body's immune system, hypothermia. If the gums are swollen, what to do? First of all, do not panic and start a comprehensive treatment.

How to treat inflammation of the gums? Be sure to contact your dentist - as in each case, the treatment is prescribed individually. If the gums are swollen, a qualified doctor will tell you what to do. It may be necessary to remove plaque on the teeth - you can use ultrasound. Most likely, anti-inflammation agents will be prescribed. Warming procedures are prohibited so as not to provoke suppuration into the deep areas of the tooth. We change toothpaste for medicinal. If the lip is swollen, what to do next? We introduce a special rinse mode - after any meal, it is obligatory and every 10-15 minutes. You can rinse with various means:

  • chlorhexine ;
  • chlorophyllipt ;
  • furacilin with propolis tincture;
  • a solution of sodium chloride and soda; <
  • a solution of 1 liter of baking soda and 1 drop of iodine in a glass of water;
  • a solution of hydrogen peroxide diluted with water.

If your lip is swollen, what to do when a wisdom tooth grows - you should contact a surgeon - he will cut the upper tissue above the tooth (the so-called hood) and the tooth will come out without traumatic pain. When infected, antibiotics are prescribed both for oral administration and for rinsing. pain relief can be carried out using a general action agent, for example - Tempalgin, Ketanov, Solpadein and others.

Prevention of the development of inflammation of the upper lip It should be noted that when the upper lip is swollen, the specialist will tell you exactly what to do. And your task is to prevent further infection: try not to use drugs that irritate the mucous membrane (alcohol, tobacco, pickles and pickles, citrus fruits). Rinse your mouth every 10-15 minutes. Use antibacterial throat lozenges to relieve pain.

A couple of years ago, my grandmother at Sberbank, I can't find another word, was forced to insure a bank card by SK Sber Insurance, frankly telling a lie that all risks were protected. Personally, I would never buy such insurance, it smells bad at once. But grandmothers are such grandmothers. I bought it, was abused by us, well, everyone forgot.

And then suddenly an insurance case (as we thought) happened.

This is a separate story, I will retell it briefly. They stole a bag in a store with plastic cards, a phone, a passport, etc. While my grandmother (81 years old) ran to the savings bank and blocked the cards, the thieves withdrew about 300 thousand (ATM, transfer, purchase of jewelry).

How? We asked for a password recovery on the phone using the card number, entered the Sberbank online and changed the PIN code of the card, there it is easy.

By the way, SMS with a password can be seen on the locked screen - you need to remove this function. Plus - you need to put a pin on the SIM card, because a thief can take it out of a locked phone and just insert it into his own.

“Here! - the grandmother was triumphant, - and you scolded me! "

But I was skeptical anyway. And for good reason.

The grandmother was denied the insurance payment due to the fact that her bag was stolen, and the theft is not an insured event.

I decided to see what it is. It should be noted that the agreement (Policy) of Sber Insurance was drawn up competently: so that no one would ever receive anything.

So, what does the bank promise us?

Sounds good. We take the Policy (on the SK website), open it, read it. The first thing that stops the eye:

Under this Policy, the Insurer carries out insurance for the following insurance risks:

Loss of the Insured bank card due to:

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