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products that are more profitable to make on your own rather than buy in a store

It is very convenient to buy groceries in the supermarket: we armed ourselves with a trolley, chose the right products that are suitable in price and quality, and went to pay for the goods at the checkout. However, not all positions presented in the store are profitable to buy. Some products are much cheaper to make yourself. says that you can quickly cook in your kitchen and save money.

Product: Powdered Sugar

Not all baked goods are really beautiful after cooking. To hide visual imperfections and give the dessert a beautiful, neat appearance, chefs recommend using powdered sugar. If she suddenly isn't in your kitchen, you shouldn't grab your wallet and run to the store. You can easily do it yourself. To do this, take a coffee grinder, pour sugar into it and spend two to three minutes grinding. After the time has passed, you will have a ready-made powder for decorating buns, cake or cookies.

Please note: Sugar may not be completely milled. To prevent the crystals that remain from getting on the baking, first sift the finished powder through a sieve.

Product: Chocolate chips

Chocolate chips are often used to decorate sweets. She not only looks very beautiful, but also gives the finished dessert a unique taste. Of course, you can buy it in the store, but the price of the product is not always pleases. If you are firmly convinced that you need shavings for cooking, just buy any chocolate that suits your taste or recipe. Use a vegetable peeler for chopping - in this case, you will get neat slices of chocolate. Before you start grinding the sweetness, you need to freeze it - this will make it much easier to work with chocolate. However, if you need warm shavings, you can also grind the warm tiles. To do this, keep it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. But don't overdo it, or the chocolate will run thin.

Product: Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is an alcoholic extract made from natural vanilla pods. It is customary to add it to cakes, pies, cookies, bun dough. It is also customary to use the extract to flavor a variety of desserts, such as ice cream or chocolate. Alas, the price is not always affordable. If you don't want to spend money on a product, make it yourself at home. It will taste no different from the store one. To prepare the extract, you need only a few elements: a sharpened knife, a vanilla pod, 30 ml of alcohol (most often vodka or rum is used).

Take a knife, cut open each vanilla pod and carefully cut it in half. However, this procedure is not necessary - the most important thing is that the pods are completely filled with alcohol. Place the mixture in the container of your choice. The best option is dark glass dishes to keep the product better and longer. Place the container in a dark place and shake occasionally. The beginning of maceration will be indicated by a change in the color of vodka: on the first day it will be light, and then it will darken. The final shade directly depends on the original vanilla-vodka proportion, but you need to focus on the dark brown color. Usually, the extract is insisted for a month, but you can start using it for your own purposes after 14 days.

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