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Before I share any usefulness on the blog, I check it out personally. About three weeks ago, a reminder appeared on my phone - a very simple one that turned out, in my case, very effective.

I already wrote about increasing efficiency with the help of lists once (to be precise, almost six years ago). Since then, I have been using various lists in one way or another in my life - I use them for the good. Thanks to the lists, I became more organized, I learned not to postpone important things until tomorrow, and even more so - for the day after tomorrow. The only thing that I still tend to overlook is repetitive tasks, even vital ones - such as taking care of your own health, for example.

Why not an application

A logical solution for a person who does not part with a smartphone during the day is to install an application like BZ Reminder, Any to remind about important matters. o, MyTreeNotes. I had all these reminders on my phone. Now only the MyTreeNotes notebook is left of them as a more convenient and well-thought-out one.

As a rule, I put there global to-do lists - what needs to be done at all, without being tied to a specific date and, moreover, to a specific time of day. For work tasks, I have a paper diary, it is always at hand and seems to me the most convenient option.

Of course, I tried to use the reminder apps as intended, wrote down important tasks for the day, linked them with a sound signal and time. But it didn't work in my case. The app could beep when I don't have my phone at hand, when I am on the phone, or when I’m busy with another urgent task. As a result, quite often I saw reminders at the wrong time or when I had absolutely no time for them - in these cases, of course, they were ignored. It also became annoying over time. And I gave up the sound and pop-up reminders on the phone at the inopportune moment.

Why do I need a visual reminder

I wanted something less intrusive. Something that would not work at a set time, but every time you pick up a smartphone.

The most obvious solution is a motivating splash picture as a background or lock screen. For example, if you have set yourself the task of moving more during the day, this might be a photo of a person running or climbing steps you like.

But this method is good when there is only one task and there is a suitable motivator picture for it. If there are more repetitive tasks, the described method is no longer suitable.

Exit: make a screensaver on the lock screen or as a background yourself, posting everything you need to remember on it. For an introvert, such a simple visual reminder, which is always at hand and appears before your eyes every time you pick up your smartphone, can be a real salvation.

Smartphone visual reminder - using a picture with pictogram icons as a background or screensaver on the lock screen as a motivating tool to perform daily repetitive tasks.

Yesterday I finished an article about a painting by the Soviet artist Yu. Pimenova "New Moscow", and today, so to speak, "in the subject" has found interesting material about another artist and another similar picture.

This is a painting by Tamara de Lempicka "Self-portrait in a green bugatti".

The pictures are united by the plot and written in the same time interval. The plot is a lady driving. In the 1920s - 1930s, when both paintings were painted, this is, you see, nonsense. Time of writing - 1929 (de Lempicka) and 1937 (Pimenov). This period is usually called: "between the two world wars."

The paintings of Tamara de Lempicka "Self-portrait in a green bugatti" and Yuri Pimenov "New Moscow" are united by the plot and were written at about the same time

Tamara de Lempicka (nee Gurwicz-Gurska) is a Polish and American artist. Despite the fact that the artist was born in Warsaw, she spent her childhood in Moscow and St. Petersburg (however, it was all the Russian Empire). Having got married, she acquired the surname "Lempitskaya" ("de Lempitska is a pseudonym). In 1919, the husband and wife Lempitsky, together with their daughter, left revolutionary Petrograd for France. There was a long creative path, divorce from her husband, etc., circumstances. To Russia the artist never returned from emigration.

Yuri Ivanovich Pimenov - Soviet artist here>. Like de Lempicka, he was born in the Russian Empire (in Moscow), but remained in the country and sincerely accepted the ideals of socialism (as is evident from his paintings).

Now, closer to the pictures. So, in the painting by de Lempicka "Self-portrait in a green bugatti" we see a lady driving a car. The same as in the picture of the Soviet artist Y. Pimenov:

Both women are emancipated. Both took fate into their own hands, and this storyline is the main one. In general, the hand on the steering wheel is symbolic, it is a symbol of reality control. In general, both paintings can be called a hymn to a modern woman.

The main storyline of both paintings - women are emancipated, they took fate into their own hands Artistic technique - hand on the steering wheel

Both paintings can be called a hymn to a modern woman

In both pictures, the car takes up a lot of space. 50% - an image of a car, 50% - a person - is also not accidental. Let us recall the Soviet "Aviamarsh": "We were born to make a fairy tale come true, To overcome space and openness, Our mind gave us steel arms-wings." - and so on. This means that we control a complex technique, which we have created, and with the help of this technique - reality. It is no coincidence that they were so fond of aviation all over the world during this period.

Now for the differences. The differences are in how the storyline is presented. In Pimenov's painting - through socialist realism (how else, one wonders, could a Soviet artist write?). Well, not really, really. YU. . For a long time Pimenov was under the influence of impressionist painters, and this influence is felt in the painting "New Moscow". We see the "fragmentation of the stroke" inherent in the impressionists (oh, for which the artist was very much reproached by his Soviet colleagues).

YuI Pimenov's painting "New Moscow" is written in the style of socialist realism At the same time, the influence of impressionism can be traced in the painting

Today we decided to take a kitten after the events described in my last post. took a black girl, 3. months with Avito. When they took the cat out of the apartment, we heard children's voices, that is, the kitten had been living with the children for some time. Oma kitten began to show aggression to his hands, hisses when brought up. But she herself calmly approaches, does not hide. It was nauseous that when the former owner gave it away, she also smoothed it into his hands, so I’m not sure if it’s a matter of adaptation to a new family, perhaps the children were torturing or the owner could hit, but time will tell. I wanted to ask what to do, to accustom to hands on the sly or leave alone and wait for now?

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leave alone and wait, no sudden movements

cats don't really like children either, so I think I've had enough

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