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Business cards are a popular accessory nowadays. And they form the basis of modern business and social life. Therefore, you should be aware of the intricacies of their delivery. But before you hand it over, you need to get it from somewhere.

  • Men usually keep them in the inner pocket of their jacket, which is not correct. The best place for business cards is a business card holder, although many men somehow hesitate to use it.
  • Women, on the contrary, use business card holders to store their cards actively, perceiving business card holders as designed to emphasize their image. According to the rules of business etiquette, it is recommended to store business cards in business card holders. If you care about your reputation, you won't keep them in your back pocket.

Rules of delivery

It is known that most often business cards are handed in personally, transmitted through third parties or sent by mail together with business letters. When personally presented, according to etiquette, the principle of priority is observed. In accordance with this principle, when meeting, the first person to submit his card is the one whose position is lower, or a less well-known person. In case of equality of social statuses, the first one to award is the one who is more interested in acquaintance.

The first to submit his business card: the subordinate to the boss, the man to the woman, the guest to the owner. On the other hand, the receiving party always gives his business cards first. Therefore, if a new acquaintance comes to your office or home for the first time, then you are the first to present the guest with your representative accessory.

During the first visit to any organization, the business card can be handed over to a third person present at that moment in the office. This can be a secretary or an assistant to an official, to whom they will subsequently give a business card intended for him. This is also done so that the secretary will better remember you and facilitate your reception by the official.

The business card must be presented in such a way that the one to whom it is intended, I could immediately familiarize myself with the information on it.

At the same time, it is better to say your surname out loud, which is important if it is difficult to pronounce. If a business card is given in a public place, at any event, men take it out of the outer breast pocket of their jacket, where they were previously moved from the business card holder ... Women put business cards in a purse or pocket beforehand. When it is possible to get the card directly from the business card holder, then this will be the best option, since you can unobtrusively show the number of your business connections.

Also, when presenting business cards, do not forget that in Japan, China, Korea and a number of other Asian countries, business cards are served with two hands, this is a sign of culture and good manners.



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