Dialogue at work in the male part of the team before March 8

- And buy sweets for the holiday, well, these ... birds!

- No, how are they ... Kryakinov ... Kukunov ...

How did they know

I decided to order gifts for my beloved ladies at Ozone. I go to a special section

Wildberries on March Gifts

On the eve of the holiday for Men post :)

I had the idea to write such a post for a long time. The eighth of March is approaching, and I think many men on this day will give bouquets to their lovers, colleagues, mothers, and just beautiful women flowers) I will dwell on roses, they are more popular, but this post applies to other flowers. year I want to help you in choosing flowers. I will not advise what is relevant and what is not, this is a matter of taste, but I will try to warn against mistakes. First, do not buy beautiful shiny roses, at all, never, even if you like it. I explain, no one will "pack" good flowers in sequins, mostly such flowers are on their last legs and / or there are dark spots on the petals

Second, there are no blue roses, at all, there are no such nature) Well, perhaps in essos) Roses are usually painted with floristic paint, it basically does not affect the flower. It looks like this

But some traders, trying to make money, paint roses with auto enamel, and, accordingly, damaging the flower itself. Veins will be visible on the flower painted with floral paint, there are even rainbow flowers on sale.

Roses, with "cilia" no, no and again no, the same as a rose with sparkles, the flower is rather dead than alive

And a little bit about roses. Guys, don't feel the flower, please. There are many varieties of roses in the world, from the hardness or softness of the bud does not depend on anything at all. There are varieties that will not open even after wilting, but there are those that from 2-3 hours in the heat will open completely. Be careful when choosing a bouquet, something that is bright is not always good. Order in advance, this will greatly save you time and nerves for the florist) There will be comments and questions, I will be happy to answer :)

Women's Mini Twist Backpack

Dialogue at work in the male part of the team before March 8

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