Creativity set CREATIVE 5188 Little beauty

Creative Kit CREATIVE TOYS Little Beauty

Does your young fashionista adore beads, rings and colorful bracelets? Have you already made it to your mother's boxes? Of course, you can give her ready-made jewelry or give her something from your collection. But it is better to offer to create unique jewelry yourself.

In addition, Creative's Little Beauty set has everything you need to embody bright design ideas. Sequins, decorative stones, satin ribbons, paints and laces - it's time to get started!

Following the detailed instructions in Russian, the little craftswoman will easily and cheerfully create charming crafts with her own hands:

  • a miniature chest of drawers,
  • a pretty mirror,
  • a collection of fashionable bracelets.

Let the designer decide for himself: work according to a ready-made template or trust his imagination. The resulting jewelry can be presented to friends or left to yourself to shine at the school disco.

Creative kits are a source of inspiration and a treasure trove of useful skills. They reveal new talents in the child, teach accuracy, develop imagination and delicate taste, allow you to experiment with colors, materials and style.

Chest of 3 drawers

  • Take a large cardboard piece and place the brown sides up. This is the base of the dresser.
  • Join the edges of the piece. Carefully glue the connecting strip into the gap between them. Press down on the fastened parts with your hand.
  • Take the dividers, fold each of them in half, and fold the narrow sides outward.
  • From the cardboard parts, assemble three boxes, bending along the lines. Insert the edges of the narrow sides into the slots on the bottom of the drawer.
  • Into the holes on the front of each thread the drawers and tie knots at the ends.
  • Carefully insert the drawers into the dresser and make sure everything is assembled correctly.
  • The base of the dresser is ready. You can proceed to decorating. Color the dresser with a paintbrush to your liking and desire. Let the paint dry.
  • Once the pieces are dry, you can decorate them with sparkles, stones and bows.
  • Now you have your own dresser to decorate. Fold your rings and bracelets into it so that they are always at hand.

  • Take a cardboard frame and paint it in the colors you like with a brush.
  • Get creative and think of how to decorate your mirror.
  • With clips attach the stand to the back of your frame.
  • Glue a cardboard circle to the frame and a mirror on top of it.
  • Congratulations! You have become the owner of a charming hand-made mirror that will give positive emotions every day and will be a great addition to your interior.

  • Cut an elastic thread about 30 cm long. Tie a knot at a distance of 3 cm from the end of the thread.
  • Select stones for your bracelet and thread the thread through them. <
  • Leave about 3 cm at the end of the thread and try on the resulting bracelet.
  • Tie the thread tightly.
  • Collect as many bracelets as possible and change them every day, choosing the right one by style, image and mood.


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