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Bloggers and their reviews of "good" roads in Kazakhstan will be "bought" with budget money

The Committee for Roads of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan will pay 10 million tenge for four two-day blog tours. On what exactly they plan to spend budget money, read on Liter. z.


The Anti-Corruption Service spoke about the case of the Vice Minister of Culture and Sports

Kostanayets spent more than a day in snow captivity

The lot of an off-site press tour with bloggers was published by the customer in the person of the National Center for the Quality of Road Assets of the Committee for Roads of the MIIR RK on the public procurement website on February 25, 2021. Information about the blog tour appeared on the ProTenge Telegram channel.

At least eight journalists, rating publications, information portals and TV, readable bloggers of the republic and region can take part in the two-day event (the exact number of participants will be determined after agreement with the customer).

The focus will be mainly on bloggers, since the technical specification is written for them. It says that after visiting each object, bloggers are obliged to record their impressions and responses on camera in real time, as well as visitors and residents of the region, in the format of a video report from the event, take photographs, travel notes for further publication of materials on social networks and information portals. ... In total, bloggers will be shown three objects located in the region, which one is not specified.

As a result of the press tour, bloggers will have to:

  • Place at least 30 posts on Instagram from personal accounts of event participants, with hashtags. There should also be Stories.
  • Also publish at least 30 posts on Facebook from the personal accounts of the event participants.
  • There must be at least five publications on the course of the event in Telegram.

All content must be approved by the National Center of the Committee for Roads of the MIIR RK.

After the blog tour, the customer also requires that impressions and a brief description of the event be published on regional and republican TV channels. One piece on the republican TV channel should definitely come out.

At least five articles must be written about the blog tour in print, electronic media. At the same time, articles should be published after each round, and we remind you that there are only four of them. Two articles must be placed in the republican print edition of 300 square centimeters each.

The Collector Publishing House has been producing albums for coins since 2012. During their work, Collector's albums have become a fairly well-known brand of coin album manufacturers in Russia. The assortment of our online store contains all the albums for the coins of one of the popular manufacturers, the Collector. Each album has signed cells, the diameter of each cell corresponds to the diameter of the coin for which it is intended. All coins placed in the album of this manufacturer are viewed and protected from both sides. Also, if necessary, you can easily get a coin out of the cell by sliding the transparent plate to the side. Albums for coins of the Collector's series are an excellent gift that can please both a novice collector and a professional numismatist. Despite the quality of the albums for coins that we offer you to buy, you must follow the main storage rule: keep your collection in a cool and dry place. Sudden changes in temperature and humidity can permanently damage your coin collection.

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On December 16, 1991, Kazakhstan gained independence. And 1992 became the year when a lot was said - “for the first time”. It was a turning point for the development of the country. A series of important events and decisions followed.


The Anti-Corruption Service spoke about the case of the Vice Minister of Culture and Sports

The Ministry of Defense decided to increase the term of service in the army

Without exaggeration, 1992 became one of the richest years for the young state in important, to some extent even fateful events. Own state symbols appeared, the first gold bar, the first international partners. It was in 1992, for the first time in independent Kazakhstan, that the national spring holiday "Nauryz Meiramy" was officially celebrated. What else happened in 1992? We offer to remember together.

OSCE, UN ... to success through recognition

This period has become extremely important from the point of view of embedding Kazakhstan in the system of international relations as a new independent state. So, already on January 2, 1992 - the Kingdom of Norway recognized the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Soon Great Britain, China, France, Sweden, Cuba, Austria, Iran joined this country. So, on October 1, 1992, Kazakhstan established diplomatic relations with 61 countries, 106 states of the world recognized our country as a sovereign state.

On January 30, 1992, another historic event took place. Our country became a member of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (now the OSCE). It is important to note here that the initiative to join Kazakhstan to the Organization came from Western countries, whose representatives in the course of working contacts in the first years of independence of our state persistently promoted this idea. The main incentive for Kazakhstan was the desire to solve the most pressing security and cooperation problems that the CIS countries faced after the collapse of the USSR. Kazakhstan's accession to the OSCE was also dictated by the desire to actively participate in the pan-European processes, allowing to develop and apply in practice the principles laid down in the 1975 Helsinki Final Act and other OSCE documents. These goals also determined the strategic task of achieving the chairmanship in the OSCE, first announced at the meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in early February 2003.

As a result, Kazakhstan was nominated as a collective candidate from the CIS countries for the post of OSCE chairman. The decision that this Central Asian republic - the first of the CIS countries - will take this position was made on November 29-30, 2007 at the 15th meeting of the OSCE Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) in Madrid. Then, in the capital of Spain, as a result of lengthy negotiations, an agreement was reached on Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the OSCE in 2010. In many ways, the decision on the chairmanship is a recognition of the real achievements of Kazakhstan and the wise policy of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, in building a democratic society and a liberal market economy.

Without exaggeration, this decision was unprecedented for a number of reasons. Firstly, for the first time in the history of the OSCE, it was headed by an Asian state with a predominantly Muslim population - despite the fact that the OSCE chairmanships have always been dominated by Western European countries, members or candidates for membership in the European Union. Secondly, not a single CIS state has claimed and could not have previously claimed this high post.

As international experts have repeatedly noted, it was the policy of peace of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan that largely predetermined the success of Kazakhstan, and they began to listen to his opinion from the first days of entering the international arena. A special role in this regard was played by the main principle of the new country and its Leader, which was the peaceful development and expansion of good-neighborly relations.

The similarity of goals and objectives of Kazakhstan as a young state beginning to take its first steps in the international arena, on March 2, 1992, allowed the Republic of Kazakhstan to become a full member of the UN. This significant event in the history of diplomacy and foreign policy of the country took place at the 46th session of the United Nations General Assembly. As a result of the adoption of resolution 46/224, the Republic of Kazakhstan was unanimously admitted to the UN membership. In the fall of 1992, at the 47th session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Kazakh delegation for the first time took part in the UN forum as a full member. At this session, the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev made a speech in which the key principles and directions of Kazakhstan's foreign policy, as well as the republic's plans to enter the international arena as an independent and sovereign player, were outlined. This speech can rightfully be called a historical event in Kazakhstani foreign policy. In it, the First President stressed Kazakhstan's readiness to share with other members of the international community responsibility for achieving development goals, strengthening the regime for the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, observing human rights, and developing effective measures to counter modern challenges and threats to stability and security.

Hi Peekaboo. Need help. It is necessary to receive an inheritance in the Republic of Kazakhstan. What is the procedure for obtaining inheritance in the Republic of Kazakhstan, for a citizen of the Russian Federation.

A friend's grandfather died, a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The inheritance indicates real estate and the recipient is the closest relative - the granddaughter, a citizen of the Russian Federation. She once had the citizenship of Kazakhstan and changed it to Russian.

Interested in the taxation of this inheritance. What duties, taxes must be paid to the heiress, precisely when receiving the inheritance (if I understood correctly, the inheritance will act as income received in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and be taxed for a non-citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan 15% or 20%).

What are the deadlines for paying these taxes. If conditionally, the total inheritance is 10 million rubles in translation into Russian currency, the amount is taxed up to 1 million?

There are no friends and acquaintances in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Information on the Internet is the same article. Please help clarify this situation

in short - 20% income tax, as with a non-resident. when entering into an inheritance with a notary, it will probably be necessary to conduct an assessment through an agency, and open an account with a local bank for sale. most likely the bank will withdraw the interest without acceptance.

How can an interested person legally gain access to an object to inspect it?

A question for lawyers. There is a lawsuit challenging the purchase and sale of the property. In short, the heir who did not inherit, forged documents, registered the object for himself and sold it. The other heir did not know about the object, but entered the inheritance legally. Now that the truth has been revealed, the second heir has filed a lawsuit to challenge this transaction against the current owner and the first heir. The object has been seized; it is possible to visually control only the external state of the object. Are there legal ways how to get access to the inside of the object through the court to obtain an inspection certificate, so that at the stage of court proceedings to record the internal state of the object: power grid, ventilation, roof, etc.? and after receiving a court decision and a writ of execution not to remain with ruin inside the object? This is in case the current owner does not decide to destroy everything inside.

Can sons (years and years old) receive the pension of their deceased father?

A 66-year-old pensioner died of a covid. Died in the hospital for a long time. I didn’t have time to get my last pension. There are two sons left. The elder is 42, the younger is 16. The elder paid for the funeral, received compensation from the FIU (less than 10% of the cost of the funeral). Money is now pretty tight, and I would like to receive a pension, which, an important point, was accrued during the life of the deceased.

As I understand it, the eldest son cannot do this, because. did not live with his father (the father owned two apartments, in one he lived and was registered himself, in the other the eldest son lives and is registered). And he was not dependent on his father.

And the younger son, in theory, maybe? He is a minor (16 years old), is considered a dependent - and it does not matter that he is registered in the mother's apartment, and not the late father (parents are divorced)?

A very simple origami that can be done in a few minutes. Jumping space rocket. You will need 1 square sheet of paper of any size.

More ideas for jumping paper toys:

408 posts 2. K subscribers

Community rules apply:

1. Personal insult is punishable by a ban;

2. Posts not related to origami are deleted;

3. Photos uploaded to the Community must be clear, not blurry, with sufficient light;

4. Be condescending, because good advice / help is always better than meaningless criticism;

5. If you attach photos to a post that were NOT taken by you, then it is advisable to indicate the author / not to put the tag "mine";


Hello everyone! the other day I saw a huyumbul on Pikaba and decided that this was exactly what I needed.

I used a drill as a tool, it is a dremel, it is a mini-drill, it is an engraver.

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