City farming can become a new form of employment for residents of Nyazepetrovsk

It is possible to make money on activities that do not require large areas or bulky equipment thanks to the participation in the grant competition of the Timchenko Foundation, already familiar to Nyazepetrovians.

In 2019, the Nyazepetrovsk project "Tales of the Spruce Forest" won a grant from the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Foundation within the framework of the Cultural Mosaic of Small Towns and Villages program. With these funds, a draft design of a family park on a spruce cape was developed, a large culinary competition was held in the city, a club of amateur gardeners began to work, the facade of a house on ul. Weiner was decorated with graffiti, warning signs appeared near pedestrian crossings, and bright flowers appeared on the central street of the city. Decent results allowed our city to participate in the next grant competition - "Cultural Mosaic: Partner Network". In October 2020, it became known that Nyazepetrovsk became the only winner of this competition of the Timchenko charitable foundation in the Chelyabinsk region.

Development vector

The main task for the participants of this competition is to stimulate the local community for development.

“At the final meeting of the participants of the program“ Cultural Mosaic of Small Towns and Villages ”, the head of the City Branding team Vasily Dubeykovsky was among the speakers. It seemed to me very important his idea that there are no development institutions in municipalities today. The administration ensures the operation of infrastructure (electricity, heat, gas, road repairs) within the resources allocated to it and reporting on all other issues. There is simply no time and energy left to address development issues. But if we want to develop, this problem needs to be solved somehow, ”says IM Votinov, director of the Bardym Foundation.

It was decided to use an online platform as a platform for a new fund project. Initially, it was assumed that it would be built like an urban community, within which people from Nyazepetrovsk would be able to discuss problems and look for ways to solve them, exchange things and sell hand-made products, organize their leisure time and make new acquaintances ... In general, such a "patch" , only virtual, where you can buy pickles and jams, and discuss the latest news. However, during the discussion of the project, in which the young correspondents of the home of student youth became active participants, it became clear that creating such a diverse platform in a short time was an incredibly difficult task. Therefore, it was decided to restrict ourselves to the topic of farm production for the time being.

About capture

“Before the 1917 revolution, work at the Nyazepetrovsk ironworks was seasonal. In the summer, factory production was stopped, and the workers went to their settlements to engage in agriculture, says Ivan Mikhailovich. - Now it seems that the period is coming when it makes sense to turn to this experience of our ancestors. It seems useless to wait for someone to come and arrange high-paying jobs for us. "

The motto of the project, which received the name “Your capture”, is the Russian proverb “You cannot cut down a hut without holding an ax”. “Everyone has to do something himself to achieve his financial well-being, - explains I. M. Votinov. - We see the production of ecologically clean agricultural products as a promising direction for our territory, the demand for which in Russia is gradually beginning to form. Almost every inhabitant of the Nyazepetrovsk district has the necessary resources to enter this market: a vegetable garden, a garden, a country or farm plot of land and the ability to work on this land. And so that these resources from potential could turn into real ones, we will help with information. It is not for nothing that Nathan, the founder of the English branch of the Rothschild banking family, once said: "He who owns information owns the world."

New site

To make it more convenient for residents, we made two addresses for the project: your relationship in Russian. f and in Latin - tvoyazaimka. u. Both of them lead to the same site, where Nyazepetrovsk residents can find information about companies that are ready to cooperate with them, purchasing farm products or acting as intermediaries, reviews of modern agricultural technologies, answers to legal and economic questions. For those who are more comfortable communicating on social networks, VKontakte and Instagram, project groups have also been created. As information accumulates and demand arises, they will contain sections dedicated to a particular product (honey, dairy products, meat, and others).

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