Business in Avito: how to open a store and set up automatic unloading of goods

What if you accidentally cut the canvas with a sharp object? First of all, don't worry. In many cases, you can repair a cut on a stretch ceiling yourself. We will tell you how to do it.

How to repair a fabric ceiling

Before repairing a stretch ceiling after a cut with your own hands, critically assess the size of the damage. If the cut is large, it is best to replace the blade. If the flaw is small, it will turn out to be disguised. To do this, you can apply a ventilation grill or put a patch. Suitable as a patch:

  • the material from which the ceiling is made (you may have left it after the renovation);
  • thick fabric;
  • decorative applique.

The patch should exceed the damaged area by 1.5-2 cm in size. Its edges should be greased with an adhesive and gently applied to the main canvas, carefully ironing the glued area to avoid wrinkles.

How to fix a cut on a PVC ceiling

It is recommended to repair a stretch ceiling with a cut not further than 10 cm from the wall as follows:

  • The web is pulled out of the profile.
  • A harpoon is glued parallel to the profile near the damaged edge.
  • The damaged place is cut off.
  • The material is heated with a building hair dryer and re-tensioned. But we draw your attention to the fact that it is very difficult to do this on your own. It is better to turn to professionals who will do everything carefully and using special equipment.

In the event that the cut occurred closer to the center of the room, you can hide it under the ventilation grill. If this cannot be done (for example, the breakthrough is too large), it remains to put a patch from the material that was used to install the ceiling. Another option for patching is vinyl applique. The main thing is that its color should be in harmony with wallpaper or textiles. And so that such a patch does not attract attention to itself, you can make a pattern on the ceiling of several applications.

Requirements for adhesive composition

Repair of a stretch ceiling after a cut: how to glue it yourself

We continue the theme of expanding the sales channel of online stores and will tell you more about the insanely popular site - Avito. Now this is no longer a platform for only used things. The share of second-hand goods on this resource is falling, but the volume of new products is steadily growing.

Today, Avito is a site with very powerful traffic (about 50 million visitors per month). There are already such specialists as avitologists who are promoting stores on this site.

We could not stand aside and developed a plugin "Uploading goods to Avito". Thanks to the plugin, you can set up automatic import of your products into Avito, thereby attracting new customers and increasing the store's profit.

Now let's take a closer look at the "kitchen" of this resource in order to better understand what the store on Avito is, for whom it will be useful and how to set it all up.

What is an Avito store?

A store on Avito is a special section of Avito for Business, with which entrepreneurs can create a page with their company. The store can be decorated in your corporate style, place the required description and add products to it.

Fig. ... An example of a bedding store on Avito

Fig. ... An example of an auto parts store on Avito

Avito users will be able to see your products both on the store page and in the general feed when viewing ads.

Who would benefit from opening a store on Avito?

Mainly, the choice of Avito as an additional site for placing an assortment will depend on the category of your products.

Look at the statistics of the most demanded products in the last year (see Fig.).

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