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Photo: Shot from the series "The Bridge" | Shot from the series "The Bridge"

Each of these serial films will make the viewer puzzle until the last moment over the answer to the main question: who is to blame?

The weekend is ahead, which means that many are thinking about what interesting things can be seen these days. Focus offers its readers five European detective series with a dynamic plot, excellent acting and a consistently high degree of stress.

The Swedish-Danish detective television series made discerning viewers take a fresh look at the cinematography of the Scandinavian countries and gained great popularity.

The multi-part film begins with the body of a dead woman being found on the Øresund Bridge, exactly where the border between Denmark and Sweden passes. Upon closer examination, it turns out that the corpse consists of two halves, so Martin Rode from the Copenhagen police and Saga Noren from Malmö, Sweden, take on the investigation.

Detectives have to play against a very dangerous and intelligent criminal who is ready to do anything to convey his message to the world. Therefore, the murder on the bridge is only the beginning of a series of mysterious atrocities committed with particular cruelty.

The series has four seasons, the first of which was released in 2011 and the last in 2018. It has been sold in over 200 countries. Based on his motives, several remakes were made. For example, England and France have their own version of "The Bridge", renamed "The Tunnel" (2013), while the United States and Mexico have a series with the same name as the original, which was also released in 2013.


The joint work of the filmmakers of Germany and Austria in 2018 echoes the above-described series "The Bridge", however, with similar initial data (a corpse on the border of two countries), the storylines develop according to a different scenario.

A corpse of a man with a ponytail in his hands is found in the snowy Alps on the border between Germany and Austria. Upon examination of the body, it turns out that he was not killed here. In addition, the police cannot immediately establish his identity, since the documents found with him are forged.

Detectives from both countries are starting to investigate: the gloomy Austrian alcoholic Gedeon Winter, who does not see the meaning in life, and the cheerful and optimistic German Ellie Stoker, who has big problems in her personal life. Two completely different people team up to find a killer maniac, and the more they unravel this case, the more they find themselves drawn into the dangerous game of the criminal.

The series was filmed on the border between Austria and Germany, in the Alps in difficult conditions: at an altitude of 2600 meters with heavy rainfall. However, the team was rewarded for such hard work. In 2019, the first season of The Pass was awarded the Golden Camera in Germany as the best miniseries on German TV. In addition, he has four more European awards.

Ripper Street

26. 2. 021. News from Barcelona and Catalonia. Today, the Catalan authorities announced a decision to extend the main restrictions in force in the autonomous community until 8 March. From Monday, minor changes are envisaged in the current regime, which will affect the sphere of trade and education.

Procicat (the organization responsible for the coronavirus regime in Catalonia) has finally announced its decision to keep the major restrictive measures in force for another 7 days, until March 8.

Some changes regarding the current regime will affect, first of all, shopping centers and shops with an area of ​​more than 400 square meters, which have been closed since January 7. From Monday to Friday they will be allowed to work, with a maximum occupancy limit of 30%.

In addition, it was decided to allow overnight school trips (applies only to students in one grade), as well as face-to-face classes for second-year students - however, these measures will take effect only from March 8th.

In the field of sports, the capacity of swimming pools has been increased to 50% from Monday 1 March (up from 30% so far), and group classes will be expanded to six people with a maximum capacity of up to 30%. These measures will take effect on Monday, March 1st and will remain in effect until Monday, March 8th.

The situation with bars and restaurants remains the same as today: as before, they are only allowed to work from 07. 0 to 10. 0 and from 13:00 to 16:30. Outside of this time, it is allowed to sell food to go or with home delivery. Bars and restaurants in shopping centers will be closed.

Also, until March 8 inclusive, the curfew will continue to operate (from 06. 0 to 22. 0), the closure around the perimeter of Catalonia, as well as isolation within the area of ​​residence.

As expected, Procicat did not make any major changes to the current mode. Catalonia has been stagnating in coronavirus rates for several days. The infection rate (Rt) has grown, and according to the Health Department of Cataloania, it is currently 1.02, exceeding the threshold by one, after which the number of infections begins to rise.

According to experts, the reasons for some deterioration in the epidemiological situation are both the presence of the British strain (40% of new positive cases in Catalonia) and the elections to the Catalan parliament on February 14.

The elections were, according to the authorities, "safe" in terms of preventive measures, but they led to the mobilization of three million people to vote - a fact that the Catalan authorities chose to ignore on Great Election Day.

However, "it's done", and now it's time to call for prudence and caution again. Acting vice-president of the government Pere Aragones, during a press conference yesterday, stressed that it is necessary to be "as careful as possible" to stop the pandemic.

Less than a year ago, I already published an article about the 5 best fragrances from the Aromoteca collection with a bright note of mimosa. During this year, I have collected for you 5 more fragrances with this dominant note, and I think these fragrances are very beautiful and authentic.

I will also be very interested in what fragrances with a note of mimosa you use, and perhaps in a year we will have a collection of 20 best mimosa fragrances!

Mimosa is traditionally considered a symbol of the beginning of spring in Russia. Mimosa is depicted on postcards, gifts, flowers are given to women ..

If you or your loved ones love the scent of these fluffy sunny-golden flowers, I suggest, in addition to the traditional bouquet of mimosa, attach a gift set "Golden Mimosa" of 10 aromas with a dominant note of mimosa.

Modest Mimosa Vilhelm Parfumerie

A flash of optimistic yellow against a cool green stock of stems and neroli. The aroma is March coolness with light metallic shades. The aroma sounds natural, especially at the start, but this is mimosa brought from a light frost.

Fashion Avenue Bond No

Trendy, stylish, a little cool, but no metal. The fragrance paints the image of a seductive girl in the center of the city. Fluffy mimosa in a dizzying dance with sweet tangerine. Carefree and beautiful.

Classic Mimosa Von Eusersdorff

And this scent will appeal to everyone who loves sweet and fragrant mimosa. You will not find here the astringency of greenery or coolness. Mimosa, orange blossom and light vanilla powder - be careful, the bees may mistake you for a sweet flower (if you use the scent in the warm season, of course :). In this fragrance, you can also hear the nuances of acacia, which are not officially declared in the pyramid.

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