A selection of beautiful pictures and postcards with which you can congratulate March 1 on the first day of spring

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How to save time and money for a beautician? How to Choose Professional Skin Care? Where can I get natural and proven remedies? Welcome! In this purchase you will find cosmetics that really work - there are enough reviews! Ready-made protocols of procedures will help you choose the right products and draw up your own beauty program. Environmentally friendly raw materials, a well-known brand and affordable prices - a combination that will not leave anyone indifferent. Good mood and pleasant choice!

1. The delivery area is limited in the purchase. Oils, products in glass containers are not delivered to "mini" points. We ask you to re-register for individual delivery by mail (TC) 2. The purchase contains goods that are not a medicine. Contraindications are possible, consultation with a specialist is necessary. 3. Additional shipping costs may apply. If the TR amount exceeds 4% of the total purchase amount, then they will be distributed among the participants in proportion to the volume of orders. 4. The supplier can change the packaging of the goods, thereby it may differ from the photo in the catalog.

Description: Ingredients: thalli of brown seaweed fucus, fucus extract. Indications for use: overweight, cellulite, varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, prevention of vitamin deficiencies and iodine prophylaxis, hypertension and disorders of the cardiovascular system. The complex normalizes water-salt and lipid metabolism, thereby contributing to weight loss. It has a mild diuretic effect, lowers blood cholesterol levels, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and prevents the formation of blood clots. Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components. Method of administration and dosage: 1 capsule 3-4 times a day with meals, washed down with water. Duration of admission is 1 month.

Description: Micronized Fucus is a powder made of crushed algae of the subspecies "Fucus bubble" used in slimming preparations, especially effective in combating local fatty deposits in the female type. Fucus is rich in trace elements, iodine, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, plant hormones, including a complex of substances that affect the metabolism of fat cells. Helps to remove intercellular fluid, normalizes the work of sweat and sebaceous glands, has anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage effect, stimulates blood circulation and causes vasodilatation, promotes better excretion of toxins from the body due to the high content of vitamins C and E, stimulates cellular regeneration processes, softens and protects the skin ... The product does not contain fragrances, stabilizers and preservatives, has a natural scent. Fine fucus can be used for any part of the body as a composition for wrapping, and for the face - as a toning, regenerating, lifting mask. Usage: Dilute 225 grams of powder with water (water temperature can vary from 25 to 75 degrees) until a semi-liquid homogeneous mass is formed, then stir for several minutes until the composition thickens, adding water as needed. If a body procedure is being performed, it is advisable to prepare the skin for it with the help of one of the sugar, salt or seaweed scrubs. Further, without washing off the remains of the scrub, apply micronized fucus on problem areas of the body. Wrap the whole body in polyethylene, insulate (you can use a thermo blanket on heating from low to moderate), leave on the body for 40-60 minutes, on the face for no more than 20-30 minutes, then rinse off the mask with warm water without using soap, apply the final cream or gel if desired. Apply 2 times a week in courses of 8-12 procedures. The procedure is used as an alternative to the Micronized Algae wrap (50% kelp + 50% fucus).

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If you want to non-trivially congratulate on the first day of spring, then send an electronic postcard on March 1 or give a gift, accompanying it with beautiful words. We offer you a selection of stylish pictures for online congratulations, as well as ideas for real presents.

After a gloomy and harsh winter, people welcome spring with tremendous trepidation, so the first day of the new season becomes a real holiday for many! I would like to give my joy to everyone around. The easiest way to share positive emotions on the first day of spring is to send out beautiful e-cards. But you can go further, for example, present a present to a dear person, accompanying him with sincere congratulations in prose.

Beautiful pictures to congratulate March on the first day of spring

Interesting congratulations on the first day of spring

What to give in honor of March?

If you have a desire that you can not only verbally congratulate on the first day of spring, but also give a gift. It doesn't have to be expensive. Even a bouquet of spring flowers, such as tulips, will do. You can also give sweets, souvenirs, cinema or theater tickets. It all depends solely on your imagination and financial capabilities, since there are no rules or restrictions in choosing a presentation on the occasion of the onset of spring.

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February: this day in the history of Russia

The February date is firmly entrenched in the history of Russia, for example, on February 28, 1732, the first cadet corps in Russia was opened in St. Petersburg, and in 1810 the Guards crew was formed. This was the only naval unit of the Russian guard in tsarist Russia.

In 1925, JSC "Radio transmission" began.

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