6 most memorable new items of the outgoing winter

The outgoing winter will be remembered not only by frosty days and endless coronavirus restrictions, but also by the wonderful beauty novelties that have replenished our cosmetic bags.

New from the Swiss brand Weleda - the prickly pear series is a teleport to the tropics for your skin. 100% natural products instantly refresh and provide long-lasting hydration without stickiness. The series includes four products: a spray mist for the face, a moisturizing gel for the eye contour.

The leading plant of the funds is prickly pear. It has the impressive property of retaining moisture in its stems so it grows and blooms even in the driest conditions.

All products in the new series are created without the use of raw materials of animal origin, therefore are suitable for vegans.

The haze provides an instant refreshing effect and soothes itching - relief comes in less than 60 seconds. Shea Butter and Illipa intensively nourish and protect the skin. The ultra-light, fragrance-free haze texture absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling.

It protects the skin, reduces inflammation and irritation, prevents flare-ups of dry skin and reduces their frequency. The product can be used in the care of very dry skin and skin prone to atopy in babies, children and adults

Dove Introduces Renewed Dry Shampoo + Floral Scent Conditioner and Dry Shampoo + Unscented Conditioner. The unscented shampoo does not contain fragrances, which means it will not "argue" with the scent of your favorite perfume, which makes it even more attractive for use in any situation. By the way, dry shampoo can be useful for achieving root volume on clean hair or as an alternative varnish if you like natural styling.


The line consists of three dietary supplements made exclusively from natural ingredients: Vitamin C plus, Vitamin D and Echinacea plus complexes.

Vitamin C is considered the main vitamin for protecting the immune system. Despite the fact that vitamin C has the ability to quickly leave the body, the complex from NUTRILITE ™ supports immunity throughout the day.

Vitamin D is equally important for immunity, and it is also needed to maintain youthful skin, bone and muscle tissue. NUTRILITE ™ Vitamin D combines D2 and D3 from natural sources. Together, the two forms provide longer-lasting vitamin D in the body.

Echinacea is one of the strongest plants for stimulating immunity and increasing the body's resistance to infections. The natural extracts in NUTRILITE ™ Echinacea Plus are effective against the spread of viruses in the body.

Ksemoz A soothing eye contour treatment developed using the patented Cerasterol-2F complex. It effectively soothes the skin and also contains nourishing Shea Butter, moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

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