Journalist: the dictatorship of the oligarchs is finalized in Ukraine

He notes that the second news is even more surprising - the Ukrainian top oligarchs with the hands of the "green team" have completely usurped power. How? Watch your hands. The Servant of the People faction, together with the Trust and For the Future group, adopted amendments by President Zelensky with the Law on Civil Service. Officially - the amendments return competitions for the appointment of civil servants to positions. In reality, the Office of the President finally got the opportunity to appoint Yuriy Vitrenko as a full-fledged energy minister. There are no other methods left in the Zelensky Office, and for Zelensky himself, this appointment has become a fix idea. There have already been two attempts to appoint Vitrenko. Both times his candidacy was rejected for many reasons. Firstly, it was at the beginning of Vitrenko's work in the status of v.o. there was an increase in utility tariffs. After that Vitrenko became toxic for many deputies - they do not want to take responsibility for such an appointment. Secondly, practice has shown that Vitrenko is not a politician at all. He categorically does not follow what he says to whom. As a technocrat, he cuts the truth to journalists about the further increase in tariffs. He does not understand that his words cause a nervous tick in at least 75% of citizens who are no longer able to pay tariffs, because they have grown 1.4-2 times since the time of President Poroshenko.

According to the journalist, earlier ministers were appointed by the Verkhovna Rada. Now the Cabinet of Ministers has the right to appoint interim ministers for an indefinite period with the provision of all ministerial powers. That is, in fact, the appointment of ministers by the Verkhovna Rada is now reduced to a ritual. Who will be the ministers now? Considering how diligently the Office of the President serves all the top Ukrainian oligarchs, it is obvious. At least with a ritual With the approval of the Verkhovna Rada, even without it, ministers will appoint persons who are coordinated by the top oligarchs who are included in the President's Office. In fact, the dictatorship of the oligarchs has been finalized in Ukraine.

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