Yak zrobiti shugaring in home minds

What is shugaring like shugaring in home minds in quarantine? Why is it true, what is the fault of the one who sees it? Veducha Nadiya Matveva rozpovila, yak correct shugaring in home minds.

Shugaring is a process of depilation, which is carried out behind an additional caramel mouth, the main component of which is tsukor. The recipe for shugaring is known to people for hours of ancient Greece and Egypt, de focussed red women, they were busy with their vigor for the benefit of all the deprivation of a small breast of a red mouth.

Perevagi shugaringu:

Recipe for sugaring in the home mind

Christmas paste for shugaring can be bought in special shops. Ale, if you have є bazhannya, then you can easily prepare the pasta in your home mind.

Main ingredients: zucor (6 hours), water (2 hours), lemon juice (half a lemon) or citric acid (2 hours).

Prepare a pasta for sugaring at home, mix the sugar and water in a casserole. Then put some money on the fire and cook, reliably quiet. If the masa is more likely to reduce the color from clear-white to caramel-golden, change the readiness. Yak tse zrobiti? Even simpler! Take a bottle of cold water and drop it there. I don't want to get out of it, but catch a speck at the sight of a small speck - it's ready. Add citric acid (or lemon juice) to the sum, let it know about the fire, but don't stop talking. You are guilty of a single golden mass without grains. Give the oholonuti paste to room temperature and start before the procedure.

Yak zrobiti shugaring in home minds?

Our hour has a lot of maystrіv shugaring to carry out a meister-class from preparing a mouth for a tsukrovy depіlyatsії. If you have a penny that great day, then you can hurry up with your services. Or you can try the procedure at your home on the sofa.

Yak zrobiti shugaring at home:

Croc 1: Perche, you need to kill - clear the shkіra, or you will be robbed by the depіlyatsіyu. Viterti is dry.

Independence from wired energy sources is attracting more and more people. To provide themselves with electricity, they choose solar panels. Consider the issues related to this option for obtaining energy.

Pros and cons of using solar energy

Positive properties include:

  • Free electricity (excluding start-up investments) and the possibility of full autonomy.
  • An endless source of energy.
  • Absolutely quiet process of getting energy.
  • When choosing high-quality equipment - long years of operation (without expensive maintenance).
  • There are no documents for permission to install or use.
  • Do-it-yourself installation is possible.

Negative properties include:

  • High cost of equipment.
  • In areas and regions where the sun rarely shines, and there are many cloudy days, the equipment will work ineffectively.
  • Productivity (as a percentage) decreases by 1-2% every year.

How to choose the right solar panels for summer cottages

It is imperative to inquire about the durability class of generating elements, cheap panels are often inserted into elements marked grade b or grade c, losing 10-40% of their power in a few years. High-quality elements of grade a class lose no more than 5% of their capacity in the first years, and are able to maintain sufficient performance for up to 30 years.

Types of solar panels

There are a fairly large number of different types of solar panels that can be used to electrify a suburban area, but only 3 models are widely sold on the domestic market that have shown the best combination of necessary qualities:

  • Monocrystalline silicon panels - the most expensive type of battery, are distinguished by the black color of square photocells. Due to the high efficiency (15-20%), such panels should be chosen if you want to squeeze out the maximum power from the minimum area.
  • Polycrystalline silicon panels are 15-20% cheaper than monocrystalline ones, 25% larger in area. The panel consists of blue rectangular photocells and has an efficiency of 12-16%. The optimal type of battery for installation on a large plane.
  • Panels made of amorphous silicon - cheaper than polycrystalline by 10-20%, represent a flexible film coated with dark blue photocells. Although they have low efficiency (6-8%), good absorption of scattered light and partial absorption of the infrared spectrum makes their use justified in areas with frequent cloudiness. The membrane design makes it easy to attach batteries to custom roofs. The main disadvantage is the 2-3 times lower service life.

Separately, it is necessary to mention a subtype of amorphous silicon batteries - micromorphic panels, which are a slightly more expensive hybrid of amorphous with microscopic impregnations of crystalline silicon. Having absorbed all the advantages of polymorphic silicon, it received an efficiency of 8-12% and an increased service life.

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