What to give a boy for 12 years

For a birthday person, a birthday is a lot of emotions. The main reason for joy is always the gift.

Twelve years old is a difficult period when a little boy begins to turn into a guy, he is looking for himself and his place in this world, takes a great interest in new hobbies and returns to old ones, begins to monitor his appearance and is interested in technical innovations.

Taking into account the child's temperament, hobbies and hobbies, you can form a rough idea of ​​what to give a boy for 12 years.

Popular gifts

Boys at this age are still interested in toys. However, do not forget that he is already 12 years old, and the right decision would be to pick up gifts one step higher, namely:

  • 3D-constructor - will interest many children.
  • A ball with illumination (air ball) - will make family leisure and games with a child even more interesting.
  • Boomerang, flying kite, or flying saucer will be a great gift for boys who love an active lifestyle.
  • Water pistol will be great fun during summer holidays, a trip to the sea or camp.
  • A radio-controlled helicopter with a gyroscope - this toy is loved by absolutely everyone, even adults
  • A yacht or a radio-controlled boat is especially important for those who live near a body of water or the sea.
  • Popcorn maker. Undoubtedly, many people love popcorn - a boy can learn to cook it using special equipment.
  • Musical instrument. Such a gift will not leave indifferent a child who is studying at a music school or just dreams of his own instrument. Keyboard, string or wind instruments develop the child's thinking, perseverance and instill a love of music.
  • Actual photo and video equipment is a great gift for a boy who dreams of becoming a blogger or doing video shooting.
  • Fitness tracker with many functions is a useful and interesting gadget. It will be interesting for every child to observe the heartbeat and count the steps taken.
  • An unusual alarm clock, for example, with a target and a laser weapon.
  • A hoverboard is a popular form of transport among children.
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Any birthday person will be happy to receive a device that he can use both in everyday life and for study. There are the following electronic devices for leisure:

  • Headphones are now the most popular wireless headphones.
  • An e-book is suitable for those who like to read. Find out what books your child wants to read and download them before giving them a gift.
  • A game console - every child's dream for many generations.
  • Play pedals and steering wheel - simulator exactly recreates driving in the present car, which child will not be happy with such a gift.
  • Bluetooth speaker is a very popular accessory among children and teenagers, with its help you can listen to music anywhere.
  • Keyboard or mouse - with A boy will feel more mature with good computer equipment.

Clothing and accessories

At 12 years old, boys are already thinking about their appearance. They want to look fashionable. Various wardrobe items can be presented to a child:

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