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Hello everyone! I haven't written anything for a long time, in winter I had a little rest from building a house, so there was not much to write about.

Today I decided to write and show how I made a hanger in the hallway and what came of it.

Since the finishing of the walls in the hallway was completed, the question arose about a new hanger, during the repair they used a temporary one of three boards and self-tapping screws)

In general, my wife offered to do it ourselves, since purchased from chipboard is not practical. We had experience .. and the hooks fell out together with the screws, and the hooks themselves were bent from the load, and the chipboard below was swollen from moisture.

I decided to make it out of boards! We figured out what size we would do, counted the material and went to the store.

Plank firing

I did this firing for the first time, then I sanded it by hand. I will not repeat this experiment without a grinder, it took a lot of time and effort. In general, he burned all the pre-cut boards, sanded them, smeared them with oil. Oil took not expensive, for about 350r.

Assembling a hanger from planks

As all the parts dried up, I brought them home from the garage and started assembling.

I did everything without a sample, as I decided myself.

I collected everything as I wanted, tried it on and hung it in the hallway as planned

I put the lower lintel on the porcelain stoneware baseboard and screwed it to the wall. At this stage, the keys have not yet been purchased from us, we found the normal ones later. There was nothing normal and durable in the nearest stores.

Ready version

Gift Idea for February or March

I have been with my husband for a long time, everything has gotten enough, the gifts are the same, I call them "courtesy gifts". Socks, panties, household items, so as not to waste money, no one really expects anything interesting.

And here soon a holiday, my husband has a lot of work, today anyway angry and tired. I decided to come up with a lottery, so to speak, a surprise-adventure gift! I made 6 options for tomorrow's holiday (husband 23.2 works, therefore the holiday is tomorrow) of the day, how it can be interesting to spend, the budget is 1500 rubles, plus minus (quite for a holiday that does not hit the budget), well, the main thing is unusual and there is an element of surprise! <

Told my dear that today is the lottery, his mood has risen, he is already rubbing his paws and believes in his luck, I also hope he pulls out what he likes, the main condition is not to change the piece of paper!

An original gift from a loving Mother-in-law for February

I decided, as unnecessary, to put on Avito a gift edition from the Central Bank in honor of the 200th anniversary of the victory over the French invaders in the Patriotic War of 1812. The book is solid, with commemorative coins, contains many facts about the heroes of that war, pictures, all the cases. In the announcement, I separately drew attention to the fact that "the gift is ideal for a true patriot of our Motherland!"

For about three months, there was not a single interested person at all, although he had already thrown off the price several times, and it seemed there were views, but the bite did not go.

And suddenly, a week ago, a woman wrote with agility and pressure that caused me surprise and curiosity - "I want to buy for a gift by February 23, I really need it, I do not bargain, I will take it even now, just please do not give it to anyone! ". Well, I really didn't give it to anyone, so I immediately removed the ad, having agreed on the time and place of the act of purchase and sale.

Coming out of the entrance to meet the long-awaited deal, I found a sweet woman of about 60 years old, looking like an ideal representative of the South Russian urban intelligentsia, with a slight hint of a former culture and arts worker. The general image was especially emphasized by the headdress, which was very popular among women in the 20s of the twentieth century (like the typist from the movie "Heart of a Dog). / P>

As an experienced seller, I immediately show the product with my face, describe its best qualities and strike up a dialogue with a happy customer who is already exhausted from the desire to take possession of the book:

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