What do flowers say at a wedding

If you are having trouble deciding which flowers to include in a bridal bouquet, think about the meaning of each flower. Superstitious brides and grooms may wonder what the symbolism of the flowers says. To help you, I have selected some of the most popular wedding flowers and described their meanings.


The anemone flower comes in a variety of colors: vibrant purple, pink, red and the one pictured above in ivory.

It represents expectation. Therefore, it is perfect for your wedding bouquet and represents the very exciting anticipation that you will experience before the wedding.


Calla lilies are always popular with brides because of their beauty and persistence in the bouquet. If you choose white calla lilies for your wedding bouquet, it will symbolize purity and innocence.


Carnations have been actively returning to the floristic ranks in recent years. They are affordable, beautiful in shades and can be a great addition to your bridal bouquet. Or even perform solo.

The carnation symbolizes love, so it is perfect for your wedding flowers. However, if you are superstitious, avoid "striped" intricately colored carnations as they represent failure!


Hydrangea is another popular wedding flower. Delicate petals gathered together are perfect for adding pomp to a wedding bouquet.

Hortense represents heartfelt emotions and can express feelings of gratitude.


In Russia, flowers are rarely given to men. Usually flowers are given to representatives of the following professions: big bosses, teachers, less often doctors. And, of course, for a significant anniversary. As a rule, there is no question of a simple birthday. February 23 is also not the best occasion to present a flower gift.

But edible bouquets for men are completely different, original. They can be gifted for any occasion. An edible bouquet can solve the difficult question of what to give, it can be either a bonus to the main gift or the gift itself.

In what case would an edible bouquet for a man be an appropriate gift?

Despite the fact that the composition is edible, it is still a bouquet. Since we are talking about a bouquet, it means that professional florists are engaged in its preparation. Masters take into account the following factors in their work: style, shape, color scheme.

You don't need a special occasion to make such a gift. This compliment will always be pleasant. You can give it for a birthday, for a name day, for February 23, and even for the New Year. You can also make such a gift for no reason: for example, if you are invited to visit and you do not like to come empty-handed.

Let's deal with the question of who can be presented with an edible bouquet. You can present it to any man or boy: brother, uncle, father, grandfather, colleague. It is ideal to give such a gift to someone who does not need anything, who already has everything.

Those men who do not like flowers, but love to eat deliciously, will be delighted with an edible bouquet. The composition of such bouquets includes good smoked meat and various sausages. Also, masters often add cheeses, various seafood, vegetables to the composition. It is possible that the hero of the occasion will put your gift on the table. Hardly anyone can resist such delicacies.

Dessert bouquets are most often purchased as a gift for teachers.

If you don't know how to congratulate your colleagues on February 23rd, an edible bouquet will solve your problem. There are a number of confirmations for this thesis:

· You can order an unlimited number of identical gifts.

· The gift is universal and will please any of your colleagues.

· If your team is friendly and you have planned a celebration, then you can order a general gift: a huge bouquet or basket.

What to focus on when choosing a male edible bouquet.

According to media reports, the deputies may prohibit the free stay of stray dogs on the street. But not a word about cats! They all reduce the dogs to danger, as if this is the only reason why the WWS program should be canceled (capture, neutering, vaccination, return).

That is, we will solve the problem with dogs, but cats can stay on the street and their endless torment and cruel death will continue?

Deputies are guided only by the protection of people? Do they feel sorry for people who observe the unbearable torment of cats on the street? They don't give a damn that millions of people are tortured by this problem and endlessly save cats who are walled up in basements, who are poisoned by public utilities, who are thrown into the street after the death of their owners, who are crushed by cars that are massively tormented by infectious diseases. Swim on kittens, which are eaten alive by millions of rats in basements. Why should people continue to sterilize them forever with their own money, keep them at home and treat dozens of cats all their lives? Why does none of the deputies say a word about the fact that there are no animal rescue services and shelters obliged to accept not only dogs, but also cats?

If a passer-by is bitten, then you feel sorry for him, but if a person ditched his whole life to save animals, because of this, he dies in poverty and unbearable conditions, then he does not care, So it turns out? Let it continue to bend further?

Or maybe you would advise not to pay attention to dying animals and turn into cattle?

In the photo I am, Svetlana Ilyinskaya, president of the Center for Legal Animal Protection at home.

Stray cats do not bite a couple of hundred thousand people a year and do not bite dozens to death.

And the mental suffering of animal defenders is the problem of animal defenders

CATS ARE EXACTLY LIKE DOGS CARRY RABIES. And a lot of other dangerous diseases that are infected from rodents.

They also eat birds and are generally not useful for the ecosystem.

Many men love sweets. But this is not always admitted. Therefore, sweet gifts are most often given to women. However, there is an option of how to please the stronger sex in this way - you can present a set of chocolate tools. How this miracle is done, we were told by the Nizhny Novgorod confectioner Sergei Ivanov, who has set up his own production of such unusual sets.

Magic Suitcase

You open the suitcase, and there are hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, bearings, bolts, nuts and gears ... All of them are made in full size and fit well in the hand, like real tools. You may not immediately guess that this is not a beautiful set of tools, but a real chocolate!

As it turned out, Sergey is also very familiar with ordinary tools. By education, he is an engineer, a graduate of the Polytechnic University, a specialist in physical and chemical technologies and materials science. But his favorite material ended up being ... chocolate.

- It attracted me with its properties, because it is very similar to the plastic with which I worked. Casting from plastic and from chocolate are very similar, and I began to use my Polytechnic knowledge on such an unusual edible material, - says Sergey.

The idea to make instruments out of chocolate came to him several years ago after a trip to Europe. There he saw such sets and wanted to try to make something similar.

- At that time no one did this either in Russia or in Nizhny Novgorod. I began to study everything connected with this, - the pastry chef recalls. - Belgium is the birthplace of real chocolate. There is a very high level of its production. People have been engaged in chocolate products for generations and have achieved amazing craftsmanship. I brought their experience to Russia. And today in different cities people began to appear who are engaged in this.

My own master

Sergey makes all the sets himself, without helpers. The main thing here is to make a good shape. Some have to be ordered abroad, some are made by the master himself. Some can be used for years, others are enough for 3-4 castings.

And the casting of chocolate itself is an ordinary confectionery process. But if you just melt the chocolate and pour it into the mold, nothing will work. The technology is very strict. It is necessary for a crystal lattice to form, as happens, for example, in steel. To do this, you first need to heat the chocolate to 45C, then cool it to 27C, and then heat it up again, to 32C. And only after that it will become plastic and solid. And after ebb and flow, you still need to remove all casting flaws. Sometimes it's just jewelry work! And then the fun begins.

To create a metallic sheen effect, the instruments are coated with a layer of a special dye - kandurin. In fact, it is mica, a tasteless and odorless mineral powder on which titanium and iron oxides are deposited.It does not accumulate in tissues and is excreted from the body naturally. Since it does not interact with the body, it does not cause allergies. This confectionery coating is used by those who make cakes. There is a whole palette of colors - silver, bronze, gold.

Delivery of lily bouquets in Kharkov

Every woman deserves a bouquet of lilies. This flower has long been associated with the beauty, tenderness and fragility of a young girl. As a rule, a bouquet of lilies consists of several branches (usually 5), each of which has several buds. Thanks to this structure, the composition looks very voluminous and solemn. Today, thanks to the work of breeders, there are more than 3500 varieties of lilies of various colors and sizes. Due to the variability of the color of this flower, you can find on sale not only white, cream, gold, orange, red, but also tiger ones. This diversity makes the "royal flower" also affordable - free delivery of lily bouquets across Kharkov and the region will help to please loved ones with fragrant gifts at any time of the day or year.

It is known that many perfumers have tried to reproduce the scent of a lily, but alas without success. What makes their scent truly exclusive, which can only be presented in the form of flowers. The structure of the lily includes very delicate petals, which gives the flower tenderness and sensuality on a fairly firm and elastic stem. However, such an unexpected combination characterizes the lily well.

The use of lily bouquets in wedding floristry has already become a traditional practice. They help create a sensual, romantic look that goes well with the bride's festive outfit. This statement mainly applies to white lilies.

When and what bouquets of lilies to give?

Lily is a very extravagant flower that always looks dignified and elegant. In terms of popularity, only roses can compete with them, but if you want to stand out, a bouquet of lilies is the best option. But, in order to make the right choice, you should know some of the features of floral etiquette:

  • It is customary to give white lilies on the occasion of a wedding, a declaration of love and gratitude;
  • A bouquet of pink lilies is an expression of sympathy, a sign of warm base feelings and hope for something something new and exciting;
  • Red lilies are a symbol of fiery irrepressible passion, symbolizes the strength and determination of feelings;
  • Compositions that combine lilies with other flowers, most often roses, are suitable for solemn events, gratitude, a gift to the leader.

If the case is special or you want to make a vivid impression on the recipient - our florists will help you with this!

A bouquet of lilies, as well as a composition with other flowers, is well suited for offering to both women and men. And this is due to the following features:

  • High aesthetic properties;
  • Strong unique aroma;
  • Great combination with other flowers, especially with roses;
  • Particularly influenced by the flower impression;
  • Good vase resistance.

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