Wedding bouquets of wildflowers: photos and ideas how to do it yourself

There are many options for decorating a summer cottage, one of the most affordable is butterflies from plastic bottles. They make the flower bed and trees more picturesque. To make crafts, you need the simplest materials and a little time.

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How to create a stub

The whole family can participate in the creative process, i.e. it is very fun and entertaining. Do-it-yourself butterflies from plastic bottles are an excellent solution for decorating a summer cottage. To make them, you will need:

  • 3 sheets of paper;
  • plastic bottle;
  • plain pencil;
  • marker;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • awl.

First, you should prepare everything you need to make butterflies:

  • Find and print or draw a stencil of the blank with a pencil.
  • Remove the label and traces of glue from the plastic container.
  • It's good to wash the bottle. The color can be any, but on light colors they look better.

Cut the top and bottom of the container. Do not touch only the middle. There should be no bumps or patterns on it. Cut the plastic lengthwise to obtain an even web. Make it flat by removing unnecessary bends. Place the plate between the paper sheets, iron it out and press down with something, for example, a heavy book. When the surface has cooled down, transfer the contours and paints to it.

It is required to carefully cut the workpiece, keeping in mind the sharp edges of the material. In order not to cut yourself, you need to run a hot iron over them. Bend up the wings on the sides of the body. It is advisable to choose a rectangular stencil. Its lines make it easy to fold the wings.

Butterfly Decorating Ideas

Blanks themselves cannot decorate anything. To give decorative qualities, you need to make them variegated by decorating butterflies. To make crafts become elegant, use various varnishes and paints. It is better to take many shades. For decorating butterflies, any of the options are suitable:

One of the symbols of the wedding holiday is the bridal bouquet. How it will look, the girl imagines and comes up with in advance. A flower bouquet is the embodiment of the wishes and dreams of the bride. It should be perfect, lightweight and compact.

Recently, a fashionable and at the same time very convenient option is to use a bouquette holder.

A handbag, what is it?

This is a kind of frame for flowers, which is a plastic handle with a round sponge on top, which is saturated with water. The flower arrangement is inserted into this sponge and fixed, which allows the flowers to nourish and maintain their appearance for a long time. This is a great option for those whose wedding celebration starts in the early morning and ends well after midnight.

There are two types of portbouquettes: for a classic bouquet and for a cascading one. Be attentive to cascading bouquets, because only experienced florists can make them correctly and beautifully. On a note. Do not leave the leg of the bouquette holder "bare". Beautiful laces or ribbons will complement the composition and decorate the entire image of the bride.

Pros of using a portbouquet holder

When is a handbag not needed?

A flower arrangement, which is decorated with butterflies, rhinestones, various stones, does not require such a foundation. Their fastening is a metal wire and tied with ribbons. Many people like to hold the bouquet by the stems, especially if they are strong and withstand the wedding celebration, then in this case, you do not need to use a bouquette holder.

DIY hand-held bouquets

How to make a bouquette holder yourself? When creating this accessory, you need to take into account the general style of the wedding celebration and the image of the bride. You can make all your creative fantasies come true. At home, the easiest way is to make a cardboard box.

To create a wireframe, you will need:

Flowers from plastic bottles are not only a way to give a second life to unnecessary things, but also an opportunity to show your creative thinking, decorate your home or summer cottage. And also - an idea for a gift, a way to relieve stress, it's no secret that hobby for manual labor calms the nerves. You can involve children in the process, they will not only be happy to help you, but, perhaps, they will come up with something new. Summer crafts, moreover, will be able to participate in competitions and exhibitions at school or kindergarten, and you will not have to rack your brains urgently. Therefore, do not throw out old bottles, give them another chance to be useful, and not increase mountains of hard-to-decompose garbage in landfills.

DIY flower from a plastic bottle: step by step

We have already told you how to make a camomile with your own hands, but this is far from the only possible option. There are bells, gerberas, roses, and all kinds of fantasy flowers - there is no limit to your creative imagination. For example, the easiest way to start making flowers from plastic bottles for beginners is probably with a cute tabletop decoration. We need:

  • plastic bottle 1.l, colorless is better;
  • green bottle;
  • elastic wire about a meter;
  • acrylic paints;
  • some iris-like threads;
  • a few beads;
  • wire cutters, pliers, sharp scissors.

Cut off the neck of a 1.5-liter plastic bottle, cut off the bell top. It is very good if the top is not smooth, but has the shape of petals. We decorate the lower edge of the rim with rounded teeth. We cover the flower with acrylic paint. If there is a green bottle, cut out a few leaves from it. If there is none, it doesn't matter, the leaves can be made from plastic left over from our bell and painted with green paint. Cut off the bottom, and cut the side part on the side. We will get a more or less flat square. So we need it for the leaves. Just after cutting out, paint them with green paint. Let's not forget to make the sepals in the form of a circle with teeth, which we bend slightly. We choose the size so that it matches the size of the rim. From the same piece, you can cut out a butterfly decoration and also paint it. A multi-colored nail polish is also suitable for this.

Now let's start building. We will make stamens of different lengths from colored threads and beads. ... We will bend our wire so that we get a stable round base, which can be additionally decorated with curls. The ends of the wire can be sanded with sandpaper to avoid burrs. We bend the upper end of the stand with a hook. This can be done using pliers, or even easier - round-nose pliers. We glue the sepals to the rim and pull the stamens through the hole. We make a loop and hang the flower on a stand. With the help of a thread wrapped around the stem, we attach the leaves and a butterfly.

Flowers from plastic bottles: photo

Similarly, you can make flowers from plastic bottles for the garden in the form of a bouquet of lilies of the valley or bells, just slightly modifying the shape of the cloves at the bottom of the corolla, to decorate a garden, cottage or playground in a kindergarten. It will probably be easier to do this without cutting off the neck, then the plug can be used to attach it to the wire. A stem is made for each flower, and then they are twisted into a bundle - a common stem. Lilies can be made in an absolutely similar way, only in this case the corolla is not integral with teeth, but is cut almost to the base into six pointed petals, which are bent outward. In this case, it is better to make the stamens from flexible wire and beads. Don't forget the sepals. For them, green containers are most suitable as a material, and the manufacturing principle is the same as for a flower corolla, only the edges of the petals need to be made jagged. Sepals will give flowers more believability and completeness.

Plastic Bottle Flowers: Step by Step for Beginners

Do not throw out the remaining bottom of the bottle. It will also make excellent flowers from plastic bottles, the photos of which you see below .. You just need to form the edges of the petals with scissors and paint the craft with bright acrylic paint. If there are bottles of different sizes, the rim will turn out to be double-row: just insert the smaller bottom into the larger one, and then even the old telegraph pole can bloom miraculously. We attach the flowers to the surface using a drill and self-tapping screws. You can decorate a wooden fence or barn wall in the same way. How to make a core: just a circle made of the same plastic, but of a different color, is suitable, or you can use a cork, also painting it if necessary. By the way, if after making your crafts, unused plugs remain, collect them, they will be useful to you when making crafts from covers. And also, using fishing line, nylon thread or wire from the bottom flowers, you can assemble a very romantic curtain.

Above, I told you how to make the simplest flowers from plastic bottles step by step for beginners. Now let's complicate the task a little. Let's learn how to make a beautiful whisk using a candle flame. Stock up on bottles of different sizes, such as 1.5 liter and half liter. We need bottoms. But don't throw away the leftover pieces, they will come in handy for other colors. In addition to plastic containers, we will use a contour that can be matched to the colored plastic or simply silver or golden. In addition, you will need scissors, a glue gun, a candle, beads or beads. We cut the bottoms along the edges of the finished bulges to the center, a little short of it. We unfold the resulting petals more flat and with scissors give them the desired shape: rounded or pointed as you wish. After that, warm up the edge of the petals above the candle, allowing it to bend beautifully. We will process both bottoms, then glue the smaller one inside the larger one, and decorate the middle of the flower with beads or beads using glue. If desired, the edge of the petals can be additionally processed with a contour. Such flowers can be useful for you when making crafts on the topic of ecology.

The pomp and pretentiousness of a wedding celebration is a standard variation of the celebration, but this approach has simply become boring. Now more and more newlyweds are choosing a natural style, trying to use natural materials to decorate the hall. This also applies to the bride's wedding gathering, which must match the overall color of the ceremony.

Florists, of course, know how to work wonders from beautiful and expensive flowers, but they lack the unity with nature that simple plants can give. If naturalness is closer to you in spirit, pay attention to a wedding bouquet of wildflowers. He will emphasize the tenderness and naturalness of the image.


Some may think that using wildflowers for such an important event in life as a wedding is too simple and tasteless. In fact, modern wedding fashion only welcomes this option, since the image of the bride is increasingly becoming natural and less and less solemn and pompous.

Interesting! Even aristocrats choose a wedding bouquet of wildflowers: Kate Middleton used lilies of the valley as the basis of her floral arrangement at her wedding.

Such a bouquet will suit young brides with natural beauty and femininity. He will be able to emphasize a modest image, in no way making it simple or tasteless.

The advantages of a field wedding bouquet:

How to make a bouquet of roses? How to make a heart-shaped bouquet?

how to make a bouquet with your own hands from roses in the form of a heart?

  • Fill the second half with strawberries worn on skewers. We also carefully insert it into the form soaked in water
  • We decorate the side of the form with leaves, which we fasten with a safety pin
  • We focus attention with a bow tying two branches from cut roses
  • < / ul>

    how to make a bouquet with your own hands from roses in the form of a heart? how to make a bouquet with your own hands from roses in the form of a heart?

    How to make a paper butterfly

    Often, the ability to create crafts from simple improvised means (including paper) can help out. Today we will learn how to make a paper butterfly with our own hands, which can become not only a pleasant surprise, but also a great decorative accent in the room.

    Origami butterfly creation

    Crafts that can be folded out of paper always win. Most often they are made without the use of glue or tape. Butterflies made according to the instructions below can perfectly fit into a flower arrangement, into packaging for a presentation, and even into a home interior.

    Before making a butterfly out of paper with your own hands, prepare:

    • double-sided square sheet of any shade;
    • scissors;
    • ruler;
    • free time.

    Now you can get to work:

    • The prepared sheet of paper (if it is rectangular) needs to be given the shape of a square. It is desirable that the finished square has dimensions from seven to nine centimeters.
    • Bend the resulting shape. First bend longitudinally, unfold, and then across. Return the workpiece to its original position. Origami butterflies (Step 1)
    • The next thing to do is fold the opposite corners. Expand the square again.
    • Make a triangle out of a square. We put the border inside on the left and right sides. We adhere to the resulting folds, which were made in the paragraphs above.
    • Find the bottom corners in the resulting product. We bend these details up. You should have tilted folds. (Step 2)
    • Straighten the shape and bend the top, on the contrary. Please note that the point that is in the uppermost corner should be larger than the extreme outlines of the shape. We fix the resulting butterfly in this position. (Step 3)
    • Fold the product across. Our butterfly is ready.

    Now you know how to make an origami paper butterfly with your own hands. For those who are doing this work for the first time, we recommend that during the manufacturing process do not press hard on the paper on the folds. Moderate ironing will give the finished bow tie a beautiful volume.

    Butterfly quilling

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