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What types of wrist bands are there?

Let's consider the types of these simulators.

  • A rubber wrist expander is simply a rubber ring that needs to be squeezed in your hand for training. This is the simplest and most reliable simulator of this type. The ring is cheap, sold in almost any sports store, does not squeak when compressed, and is durable. You can use it for many years, because the chance of breaking it is minimal, unless, of course, you do it on purpose. It is also a very comfortable hand gripper. The benefits from it are exactly the same as from any other types - strengthening the hands and forearms. What are the disadvantages of a rubber expander? The only serious drawback is the lack of flexible load regulation. If you need resistance bands of different stiffness, then you will have to buy several rings. But their cost allows you to do this. However, if you need a really heavy load, then a rubber expander cannot provide this.
  • The spring expander consists of two handles connected by a spring structure. Such simulators are very different from their rubber counterparts and have a larger load range. Most stores sell such a wrist expander. The benefit of practicing with him lies in the ability to find a suitable option for everyone, as well as in several training options. For example, with a spring expander, you can change the load simply by grasping it with the handles either up or down. Unfortunately, this simulator also has disadvantages. So, cheap options, as a rule, are too short-lived and they are enough for literally several months of regular training. Also, at a low price, expander with a high resistance value cannot be purchased. That is, high-quality strength training is possible only with fairly expensive branded exercise equipment. The advantages of these products are obvious: an almost eternal life, a wide range of rigidity and quality assurance. The most famous manufacturer of spring bands is Captains of Crush. This company is known for selling very high quality resistance bands with varying degrees of rigidity. The tightest machine from this manufacturer can be squeezed by literally a few people around the world. The Captains of Crush wrist expander is the highest quality on the market. Thousands of athletes have tested the reliability of these products on their own experience.
  • The adjustable wrist expander is a simulator with great functionality. In one expander, several load levels are set at once. In all other respects, it is roughly similar to a conventional spring counterpart. The advantage of this option is that you can progress with each lesson, increasing the load gradually. As a rule, such an expander is expensive because it offers great functionality and at the same time is quite reliable.

There are other types of similar simulators. So, manufacturers today create expanders of almost any shape. Some are in the form of rubber balls, while others involve unusual compression algorithms.

Types of expander

The principle of operation of each wrist projectile is the same. However, the expanders differ in shape and material of manufacture. There are adjustable models that allow you to vary the load on the muscles.


A ring made of elastic elastic rubber is familiar even to many schoolchildren. A donut-shaped product has several degrees of load, which depends on the resistance of the material. The indicator is measured in kilograms. The minimum value is 5, and the maximum is 65.

If we talk about the benefits of a hand ring expander, then the wrist trainer primarily improves the blood circulation process. Squeezing the donut brings blood pressure to normal. The ring helps to restore the injured hand. After removing the plaster, the wrist expander makes it possible to accelerate the development of muscles without causing new trauma to newly fused bones.

Pupils and students benefit from a rubber expander as a hand exercise, especially when a lot of writing is required. The wrist projectile calms the nervous system during exams, improves student concentration on the subject.

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There are two types of hand gripper in the form of a rubber ring:

Start training with the minimum resistance ring. Over time, the bagel is changed. To increase the load, a ring of higher resistance is used.

The benefits of a wrist expander

Exercise with stress

Of course, you need to play sports. A great option for this would be exercises with a hand-held wrist expander. Daily training will give noticeable results in about a month. And if it appears, then you need to continue working on yourself, or rather, on your hands.

Another exercise that will help you in the question of how to increase the hand is dumbbell training. The exercise consists in raising and lowering dumbbells on straight outstretched arms exclusively with the wrists. This is a very effective exercise. Doing this exercise is worth both with a regular grip and with a reverse grip.

It is advisable that your physical activity is frequent (several times a week) and long (at least an hour of active training). If you stick to this work plan, the results will be visible very soon.

How can a teenager increase their wrists?

Barbell Biceps Curl

During the flexion of the arms, the main load is on the biceps. However, this exercise also allows the forearms to be pumped. When a teenager is doing the exercise, he will need to keep his hands and forearms as straight as possible. Thanks to this, the teenager will be able to make his wrists strong. Along with this exercise, you can do a little different. Exercise for bending the arms at the wrists. Thanks to him, the main load will go exactly to the forearms.

The exercise should be done as follows:

  • The teenager needs to take a barbell in his hand. Its weight should be light. So that the teenager has the opportunity to fully lift it on the forearm.
  • Next, the teen has to lift the barbell. Place it at the level of your belt. Then, with the help of your wrist, start lifting and lowering the barbell.
  • The exercise can then be repeated. But already so that the grip is reversed.

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