Vintage bouquet of brooches with your own hands

It is impossible to remain indifferent to the amazingly beautiful vintage bridal bouquets using jewelry and brooches. And even if you do not dare to make one as the main bouquet, you can safely consider this option for a photo shoot.

On the pages of Buketyo there is already an article about bouquets of fabric, buttons and brooches, and now there will be a detailed master class!

Several advantages of a jewelry bouquet

Composing a brochure is worthy of writing a master class about it!

For a future masterpiece, we need:

- 50-85 jewelry items (brooches, large earrings, parts of a necklace, cufflinks, pendants, medallions - in other words, everything that is rich in the boxes that have attracted us so much since childhood);

- 30 cm of pistachio velvety braid

- 2.5 m of wire with strung beads

- Glue gun and glue sticks

- Skein of floral wire

- 2 pcs of stem artificial hydrangea

Tips for choosing jewelry for a bouquet

Vintage bouquet of brooches with your own hands

You want an original bridal bouquet for a wedding, then a brooch bouquet can be a great creative alternative to a bouquet of fresh flowers. This is ideal for a bride looking to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to her wedding look.

Unlike ordinary flowers, which fade very quickly, a brooch-bouquet can stay with you for many years, reminding you of one of the happiest days in your life.

Of course, such a bouquet can be quite expensive, but you can always make it yourself or ask your friends for help.

How to make a brooch bouquet with your own hands?

Collect 40 to 70 brooches (depending on the size of the bouquet, the diameter of the brooch and other jewelry).

What we need for a bouquet of brooches

DIY brooch - bouquet: detailed instructions

Take one brooch. Close the clasp and secure with glue if necessary. Cut 50 centimeters from the wire and fold in half. Wrap the wire around the front of the clasp, between the stones or crystals of the brooch. Make sure that the middle of the wire is hooked at the top of the brooch and its two ends are at the bottom of it. Twist the two pieces of wire. The stems should be strong enough so that each brooch does not wobble or hang. You need to twist each part of the wire together, and then twist them together.

We do the same with our decorative flowers - we make a stem from wire. Repeat the process for each brooch and flower. There should be a lot of "flowers" until you feel that this is enough for your wedding brooch bouquet. This is a very time consuming job that takes a lot of time and effort.

Now we need to make the pearl decorative elements. To do this, take a piece of wire 50 cm. String the beads on the wire - about 30 pieces per wire.

It is impossible to remain indifferent to the amazingly beautiful vintage bridal bouquets using jewelry and brooches. Find out how to make a bouquet with your own hands!

What materials and tools are needed?

Before making a bridal bouquet with your own hands, you need to think over the concept of the future product. Moreover, it is necessary to prepare the materials and tools that you may need. Suppose your bouquet will be made of fresh flowers of white color.

To do this, take: 3-4 large chrysanthemums, 6-7 medium-sized hydrangeas (do not forget that there should not be an even number of flowers in total), a package of real twine, a roll of brown wire, buttons for office, garden pruner and brown organza with a width of at least 5 cm.

Brooch making workshop

Now we make a beaded brooch with our own hands. The whole process can be roughly divided into three stages:

  • Stencil preparation.
  • Stencil embroidery on fabric or braiding on a rigid frame.
  • Cutting into accessories.

The most original models today are:

At the first stage, the paper template is downloaded from the Internet or from other sources. The edge lines of the drawing should be clearly distinguished for the convenience of further work.

The next step is to embroider a stencil on the fabric (most often felt). The embroidery is performed in strict rows, otherwise the product may lose its shape and clarity.

Completion of the work is filling in the gaps between the lines of the frame with fur stripes or decorative mesh.

Brooch Bullfinch from beads Master class part

If you have something to write to me, write

Hello everyone! While it's still winter outside, I decided to make a brooch in the shape of a winter bird from beads and fur. In this video we will embroider a cute bullfinch with a red breast. We need: beads, chenille, strass chain, wire, fur, beads, rhinestones, felt, eco-leather, gimp, threads, cardboard, pin, polymer clay.

DIY beaded brooch "Snow Maiden" Master class

If you have something to write to me, write

Hello everyone! Soon the New Year and I decided to make a New Year's brooch - Snow Maiden. For manufacturing we need: beads, beads, chenille, felt, monofilament, leather, rhinestones, cabochon, glue, gimp. Happy viewing!

DIY beaded "Cow" brooch Master class part

If you have something to write to me, write

Hello everyone! I decided to make another horned brooch. In this master class, we will embroider a cute beaded cow that chews grass. We need: beads, chenille, beads, rhinestones, felt, pin, leather, gimp, thread, cardboard, pin, eyelashes.

DIY beaded brooch "Bull" Master class

If you have something to write to me, write

Hello everyone! In the next master class, we create the symbol of 2021. We will embroider a white fluffy brooch in the shape of a bull. We need: felt, leather, fur, chenille, gimp, beads, beads, threads, cardboard, pin, needle. glue. monofilament. Happy viewing!

Monoclips from rhinestones, feathers and beads Master class

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