Treat yourself to spring: tulips in winter on the windowsill

Not surprisingly, many people think about growing tulips on a windowsill in winter. Each person lacks the warmth of bright and rich shades of spring flowers.

Features of the selection of varieties

Tulips are beautiful flowers that give a spring mood and envelop with the scent of bliss. Growing these flowers is easy, enjoyable and not tedious. Even novice gardeners can cope with such a matter.

The process of growing tulips in winter on a windowsill consists of several stages. If you know all the secrets for storing, growing and forcing onions, you can achieve good productivity when planting these flowers.

Before planting, you should select the type of plant that you want to grow at home. Forcing accelerates growth and flowering, and not following the schemes and rules will lead to the death or development of plant anomalies.

Before planting tulips on the windowsill, you need to choose planting material and decide on the timing of flowering. After all, the planting time depends on the type of plant. On sale you can find a huge number of onions with different periods of distillation. Among them are the following varieties:

  • Early varieties - planted in September and bloom in winter for the New Year holidays.
  • Varieties with medium distillation - begin to bloom by Valentine's Day, and the planting of plants takes place in October.
  • Late varieties - planted in November and by the International Women's Day you can get a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which is a symbol of spring.

Selecting and preparing bulbs

It is not difficult to grow tulips on a windowsill in winter. However, for forcing, you should take a responsible approach to the selection of tubers. It is recommended to plant dry, large and heavy onions.

The denser and larger they are, the larger the inflorescences will be. If the seeds are light, this indicates that they are not ready to bloom. They probably did not have a flower bud.

Picked up onions need to be cleaned from brown scales, leaving only the husk tightly attached to the tuber. Examine carefully for disease or damage.

Immediately before planting, the seeds must be treated with a special disinfecting solution. Soaking the bulbs for half an hour in a disinfectant liquid prevents the development of diseases and rotting in the future. The solution is made from water with the addition of potassium permanganate or basezole.

Exercise without skis

Training for skiers is subdivided into those that do not require or require equipment. In the first case, the exercises are performed in any conditions without special training, among them it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Warm up. It includes stretching exercises, power load without sports equipment (squats, push-ups, pull-ups). They do it daily, for example, as a morning exercise.
  • Cardio workout. These are exercises with a skipping rope, Nordic walking, running for short and long distances.
  • Special exercises for the development of coordination, balance, vestibular apparatus.
  • A special set of roller skating exercises. They mimic skiing, classic skiing and skating. Roller skating can be done like ice skating and develop similar muscle groups as skiing. In addition, this is the achievement of balance and coordination of movements.

Home exercise for skiers

Many people are interested in how to train skiers in summer, as well as in spring and autumn, that is, in the off-season, if expensive equipment, conditions and ammunition are not available? Of course, a professional athlete needs different simulators, as well as more frequent trips to the track, but amateurs just need to keep themselves in shape, for which home workouts are enough.

Home exercise for skiers falls into two categories: requiring equipment or not. The first ones are performed in any conditions, no preparation is required. The following exercises for skiers without skis are worth highlighting:

  • Warm up. This can be a general stretch, a small force load with its own weight (for example, squats or push-ups). Performed daily, for example, as a charge.
  • Cardio load. Interval running, walking, Nordic walking (using ski poles when walking), jumping rope, and so on are effective.
  • Special movements that affect coordination, balance. Any set of home exercises should include similar movements.
  • Special roller skating exercises. They create an imitation of ski movements: various types of skiing (skating, classic). Rollers allow you to skate almost like ice skating, which helps to develop the same muscles that are used on ski trips, plus coordination and balance are additionally developed.

With some equipment, you can train more efficiently. The skier will include strength movements in the program, which will develop important muscle groups.

Learning to balance

Equilibrium is essential for a skier, regardless of specialization. This is taught from the very beginning. So, any child, even a preschooler, begins preparation with similar exercises.

Both in the off-season and in winter, one of the basic rules that must be adhered to when buying running equipment is the principle of "layering". Moreover, if in the fall and spring you can sweat and, after freezing, endure for some time "until it gets warm", then in winter the consequences of being in a wet state on the street will be much more unpleasant: from banal serious freezing to frostbite and colds. That is why, the selection of base layers for active activities in the winter must be approached with special responsibility.

The “first” layer is responsible for removing moisture from the body and keeping your skin dry. Even if cold air gets under your clothes, if moisture is removed from your body, you will never freeze.

"Second" layer - retains heat, absorbs and retains the moisture that was removed from the body by the first layer.

"Third layer" - protects from wind, cold, precipitation.

Depending on the weather, the temperature "overboard", the strength of the wind and the presence of running or freshly fallen snow, you need to select the thickness of the "layers" and their number: if the weather is closer to 0С, then a minimum of three thin layers will be enough : thermal underwear, thin fleece, windproof jacket, hat, gloves, but if the thermometer drops below -10C, then you should definitely think about increasing the number of layers and maximizing the presence of insulation and structural parts in them that retain heat around the body.

Special requirements for "winter" clothing and running shoes


Many layers - a lot of weight. But no. If you do not want to look like a beefy penguin in a zoo, then choose clothes for training in winter from the "running" collections - it takes into account that you should be warm and that you will need to actively move.

Thermal Insulation

There is definitely a heater in winter "running" collections, it is used in a volume sufficient to protect the owner or wearer from freezing. At the same time, the layer of insulation and the construction of the garment are such that you do not overheat even during intense workouts. To compensate for overheating, it is recommended to wear clothing with built-in additional ventilation with zippers that can be opened when you are too hot.

Wind protection

The choice of equipment should be taken seriously. In cold weather, there will be no open areas of asphalt and the shoes should have good grip on different types of surfaces. In the review, I will tell you about the popular winter sneakers and help you make the right choice.

TOP ranking sneakers for running in winter

To compile the rating, I have selected for you 10 models of sneakers designed for running in winter. In the review, you will get acquainted with the following brands:

ASICS Frequent Trail

Men ́s sneakers from a Japanese manufacturer are designed for running and belong to trail. The upper is made of mesh material for good ventilation and moisture wicking. This keeps the feet dry and warm at the same time. Fixation is provided at the expense of the back. The insole provides a comfortable fit for the foot. Its EVA composite resin material is composed of multiple bubbles that cushion when compressed. At the same time, good thermal insulation is created. The outsole is also partly made of the same material. Reverse tread pattern gives good traction on any surface on up and down slopes.

ASICS Frequent Trail ronation hypo, neutral Drop (mm) 10 Features weight 287 g

  • wicks away moisture well;
  • cushioning is average, but quite sufficient;
  • comfortable insole.
  • suitable for off-season and snowless winters.

Bought sneakers specifically for outdoor jogging. I have already run a half marathon in them, as well as three workouts of 10-12 km. Withstand the load normally. They amortize well. The leg is quite comfortable. But the shoe falls short of the excellent mark. You can only run in dry weather. Not suitable for a snowy winter, only off-season.

For a more complete description of running shoes, see the review:

Salomon Speedcross (w)

Salomon has launched winter running shoes for men and women. The models are similar in many ways. Differences in color scheme, weight. Women weigh 260 g, men - 297 g. For convenience, there is an anatomical insole inside. Special Ortholite footbed wicks moisture away and provides extra cushioning. Bactericidal impregnation eliminates the formation of odors. High-tread outsole keeps your foot securely on any surface: wet, dry, snowy. A system of plastic fenders on the sides stabilizes the foot and prevents it from twisting. The upper is protected from dirt, but not moisture.

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