Touched the strings of a child's soul

In September last year, by the decision of the Lev-Tolstovsky Council of Deputies, the alley leading to the building of the former school was named "Alley in memory of Anna and Dmitry Ryakhovsky"

The idea of ​​perpetuating the names of respected front-line teachers in this way belongs to former students of the school, and she found unconditional support from representatives of the regional authorities

The Ryakhovskys are among those teachers whom the former pupils remember with love and gratitude all their lives. Therefore, they did not forget that on February 18 this year, Anna Vasilyevna would have turned 100 years old. And this, you see, is a good reason to tell about a wonderful person and a talented teacher on the pages of the regional newspaper.


- Anna Vasilievna was born in the village of Zhernovki, Ryazan Region, in a large family of a railway worker, - her yesterday's students shared their information with the editors. - Childhood fell on difficult years. At that time, the villages and villages were plagued by hunger and disease. Every day in the village they carried the dead to the cemetery. There were no coffins, and the dead were buried without them. The girl dying of hunger heard her mother say that she had 2-3 days left. But, apparently, Anna Vasilievna was needed in this earthly life, God had already seen her purpose and left her on this long-suffering land. She recovered, and when the time came, she went to grade 1.

The school was located a few kilometers from home, it was not always possible to attend classes due to off-road conditions. But school lessons were a bright spot in the gray everyday life of rural life and attracted the girl with a world of new, unknown and interesting. This could not but influence the choice of the future life path. After graduating with excellent marks from the Kolomna Teachers' Institute, a young teacher arrived at direction to a seven-year school with. Zhuravinki of Chaplyginsky district to teach rural children Russian language and literature.

Volunteer for war

And then the war began. Anna Vasilievna volunteered for the Red Army in order, like thousands of her peers, to defend her homeland. But the front needed specialists in military professions, and she first had to undergo military training at the 32nd divisional school in the city of Davlekanovo (Bashkiria), and then at the same place at the Military Aviation School to complete courses for long-range reconnaissance and become an aerial photography laboratory assistant.

Front roads began in February 1943 as part of the 98th Separate Guards Aviation Vistula Red Banner Order of Kutuzov, a regiment of long-range reconnaissance officers of the Reserve of the Red Army High Command with the rank of senior sergeant guard. The regiment was part of the I Ukrainian Front, with the combat formations of which it experienced unprecedented bloody battles near Kursk, battles on the lands of Poland and eastern Germany, and the news of the end of the war found the regiment in Lubben near Brandenburg.

A woman in war is an abnormal phenomenon. But their contribution to the Victory is difficult to overestimate. Anna Vasilievna has military medals "For Military Merit", "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", the Order of the Patriotic War II degree, Zhukov's medal, numerous awards as a former front-line soldier and for labor merits.

Becoming a profession

Among the regiment's colleagues, she met her future husband, Dmitry Ivanovich Ryakhovsky, who was a photogrammetrist-decoder. In the fall of 1945, they came to our village together. The school found work only for Dmitry Ivanovich, and Anna Vasilievna first worked as a proofreader in the editorial office of the newspaper Put Ilyich, then headed the district pedagogical office in the department of public education of the executive committee. In August 1951, she returned to the profession - a teacher of Russian language and literature at school No. 19. When a new district school No. 5 was introduced, she taught there, and since 1963 - for almost a quarter of a century - in secondary school No. 42 named after L.N. Tolstoy. With three children, in 1959 she graduated from the Moscow State Correspondence Pedagogical Institute, having received a higher education.

Soft, smiling, cheerful ...

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